AFL Betting Streaks

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting is similar to other forms of sports betting in many respects

One aspect that is definitely the same is the streak factor. It doesn’t take the public long to catch on to a streak, be it good or bad, and to begin wagering on it in AFL football betting.

AFL betting streaks can be on sides or totals but it is more common to see the public follow the sides. The famous saying about streaks says that you can win many times betting with the streak but lose only once. This is definitely true but you have to remember in AFL betting that eventually the oddsmakers are going to catch up to the streak and make you lay more points. When the points get too high and your team is not covering the AFL football betting pointspread then it is time to get off the streak.

You want to remember in AFL football betting that a streak or a run in which a team is at seventy, eighty, or ninety percent against the AFL betting board for a period of time is eventually going to turn as the price on that team will go up, just like a stock on the open market, until all value is gone.
Just remember the old saying that what goes up must come down. Values eventually peak or crash, and average out over time in AFL betting.

Streak betting works better in money line sports like baseball or hockey but it still can work in AFL betting. You just have to be more aware of the pointspread and be prepared to get off the streak when the ride is over. You also don’t want to forget about totals in AFL betting. You will see teams get on streaks where they go over four or five games in a row. That is the time you want to get on board and ride the over streak in AFL betting until it stops. The same thing can happen with unders in AFL betting.

The bottom line with streaks in AFL betting is to realize when they are happening and get off quickly when they end. Streaks can make you money in all forms of gambling if you are able to get in early and get out quick. That applies to AFL betting as well. Keep streaks in mind as you look at the AFL football betting lines this season.

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