AFL Betting Principles

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting can be done successfully if you keep a few basic principles in mind.

Ultimately in AFL betting a gambler will quickly learn that there is no compromise when it comes to board value, as compromise on value is a compromise on your bankroll. Let’s examine some basic AFL betting principles that can help you have more success this season.

AFL betting principles begin with understanding a few things. First, a gambler will find less value playing more games in AFL football betting. It’s the old adage about poker in that the less hands (games) you play, the better that you are going to do. Being selective is important because you don’t have to play every game on the AFL football betting board. There are certain top shelf selections worth considering while the vast majority of what is out there should just be discarded in AFL betting. Very few people can win betting every game on the board so you want to narrow your selections down to just your very best.

Next, a gambler must be able to read and judge value based on the gambling public’s perception in AFL betting. No, this does not mean that a gambler will follow the public, in fact, it’s just the opposite. But a gambler will want to know how the public perceives a matchup because if they are all going one way on a game in AFL betting, the price of the public’s preference will grow too high, killing off the value of that play. Oftentimes you will want to do the opposite of the public in AFL football betting. This applies to the media as well. If ESPN or another media outlet falls in love with a game you need to be very careful about backing them in AFL betting.

Another basic principle to remember in AFL betting is that too many gamblers try and re-invent the wheel. Keeping things simple in AFL betting is never a bad idea. At the end of the day a gambler wants solid, fundamental, well-coached, mistake free football teams. Keep things simple as you look at the Arena Football League. This applies to AFL football betting as well as other sports betting endeavors.

Remember to keep things simple, avoid playing too many games and stay away from public plays. These simple principles will help you have more success in AFL betting this season.

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