AFL Betting Odds Realism

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting odds can be wagered against successfully if you approach them from a realistic point of view.

Gamblers that wager successfully against AFL odds do so because they treat it like a business and learn from mistakes, rarely making them twice, and being as tough minded as they come.

AFL betting odds realism begins with the understanding that wagering against AFL odds is not always easy. Successful professionals are brutal realists that understand that the oddsmakers are masters at their craft and that they know everything you do and probably more. They also know what the public thinks about each matchup and what they are likely to do as a result of those perceptions versus AFL betting odds. If you want to win versus AFL betting odds you need to respect the oddsmakers in addition to keeping a disciplined and focused approach.

The losing gambler that wagers versus AFL betting odds thinks that he can put together a ten-game winning streak or hit a few five team parlays and retire. The professional gambler will know that he is in something similar to a career or a line of work, which is a daily grind, where looking at AFL betting odds is part of his daily job.

Part of being realistic is that you are not going to win seventy-percent of your selections on the long term versus AFL betting odds and that anyone who claims otherwise is not dealing with reality. You will come to understand and find out that a sixty-percent season will go down as the year of your life versus AFL betting odds.

A winning gambler versus AFL odds is highly successful because realism is one of the bedrocks that he relies on to stay out of trouble and to not squander his bankroll versus AFL betting odds. Just as in life it may not be exciting or glamorous to be realistic it’s just a highly effective way to live, to gamble, and to succeed versus AFL betting odds.

As you wager versus AFL odds this season remember to be realistic. Set a reasonable goal and look to end the season on the plus side versus AFL betting odds this year.

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