AFL Betting Oddsmakers

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting oddsmakers are the ones that set the AFL betting lines during the season.

What you as a gambler want to do is learn how the AFL betting oddsmakers think. If you can’t beat the AFL betting oddsmakers then join them.

AFL betting oddsmakers do a credible job for the most part. Beating the oddsmakers is incredibly challenging and where so many go wrong is that they try to do just that; they try and beat the AFL betting oddsmakers. There is a better solution out there and that is to join the oddsmakers. Joining the oddsmakers, at first, may sound a little bizarre to you, but the AFL football betting oddsmakers can be, in reality, your best friends if you learn to think like them. If you understand how the AFL betting lines are made you can find those hidden gems and great plays each week.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the oddsmakers set the AFL betting line based on what they believe will bring in equal amounts of gambling action on both sides and totals of a matchup. This means that the AFL betting lines are not always based on the talent on the field but more on the perception of that talent. There are times when the wrong team is favored or the favorite is either favored by too much or not enough because of the likely reaction of the gambling public to that AFL betting line.

To think like an AFL betting oddsmaker, you almost have to flip your mind and send yourself to a re-education boot camp where you learn contrarian thinking skills. Just think of how you often have an immediate or strong reaction to a previous result or an AFL football betting line that is posted and then think how many times that proved wrong. Along those same lines think of teams that were touted as champions or written off as dead only to perform in the direct opposite manner in AFL football betting.

You must correctly assess the board based on value and merit in comparison to perception and the spin of the media and gamblers alike in AFL football betting. Learning to think like an oddsmaker is a big key to winning at sports betting and that includes Arena Football League action.

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