AFL Betting Line Knowledge

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting lines are far more than numbers next to the names of teams

They are a language all their own and when you look at the AFL football betting board you need to learn to look beyond the surface and into the deeper meaning of the AFL betting line. As you learn to read the pointspread and what it really means, you will then learn to uncover board value and winners in AFL betting.

AFL betting lines are not set by the oddsmakers based on pure merit and the AFL betting lines are not set on an exact pointspread that differentiates the abilities of the two teams. The oddsmakers set the AFL betting line in an attempt to either draw equal betting money and action to both sides of the game or trap the public into betting on the wrong side. The old adage about the pointspread being a true gauge of the abilities of the two teams in a game is the ultimate misconception that you have to be able to get past in AFL betting.

The most important thing to know about the AFL betting pointspread is that it is set in anticipation of what the gambling public is likely to do. Remember, with each wager a gambler must put up ten-percent above what he is trying to win in “juice/vig.” That way, as long as the sportsbook gets equal action on both sides of the game, they make a profit for booking the AFL betting matchup. So all they have to do is come up with a number that attracts equal action in AFL football betting. This means that when a popular and highly respected team such as the Dallas Desperados or San Jose SaberCats is playing a lesser team, the line may be higher than what is actually merited because public perception and demand will be on the better team. Perception is not always reality when it comes to AFL football betting.

Understanding the AFL betting line is an important part of learning how to win. If you know how the AFL football betting lines are set your chances of success will be better because you know the same things the AFL betting oddsmakers do.

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