AFL Betting Home Wins

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting home field advantage is definitely something to take into account as you look at the AFL football betting lines

To understand the AFL betting lines you must understand the different components that go into making the AFL football betting lines.

AFL betting line study begins with understanding the so-called “home field advantage” which is considered to be worth three points for the home side in most football situations. But that generic number is not really accurate and in the Arena Football League the home field advantage can be very important.
Teams like Dallas or San Jose have big home field advantages that are really worth more than just the generic three points in AFL betting lines. Other teams have different home field edges as well in AFL betting. Take a look at each team and look at their previous home records to get an accurate idea of what their home field advantage should be.

Another factor that goes into the home field advantage is the quality of the road opposition in AFL football betting. The good teams are rarely fazed about playing on the road, which makes the home side less valuable in AFL football betting lines. Therefore, the serious and winning gambler will realize that there is far more that goes into the AFL betting lines for a home team situation than just a blind and mindless three-point stereotype that so many people automatically look at.

As you look at the AFL betting lines you really need to understand the different home field advantages for every team in the league. It would help your AFL betting if you set a home field advantage for each team before the season begins. If you have independent home field advantages then you will be able to more accurately forecast AFL betting lines. This is all about learning to make the AFL betting line before it comes out. Then you can analyze and react to any mistakes in the AFL betting line you might see.

Understanding the home field advantage is just one part of betting Arena League action. Handicapping Arena games involves many different factors and the more of them you understand, the better your chances of success will be.

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