AFL Betting Futures

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting futures are available just like NFL futures at some sportsbooks

The two basic options have you wagering on which team will win the Arena Bowl and the number of wins each team will have for the season. Let’s look at AFL betting futures.

AFL betting futures begin with odds to win the Arena Bowl. These are just like Super Bowl odds where you have teams listed from 3-1 or so up to 100-1 or more. AFL betting futures have some advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage to an AFL football betting future is that it gives you action all year long for just one bet. For example, if you wagered on Dallas to win the ArenaBowl you could cheer for them in every game throughout the season. The main disadvantage to an AFL betting future is that your money is tied up for many months. That is why you really want to search for value with AFL betting futures.

You may also find AFL betting futures on season win totals. This would have a team like Columbus with a win total of 7 or so. You might see Dallas with a win total of 10 or more. You would then be able to wager over or under this total in AFL football betting. Win totals have gotten more popular in recent seasons as more gamblers like to have action all year in AFL betting for just one wager. When analyzing the AFL betting total wins board the first thing to do is to know what not to do which is to base your selections on an expectation of similar results from the previous season. Ignore previous results when looking at win totals in AFL football betting.
A good way to look at futures win totals is to look for teams that had a dramatic climb, up or down, from the previous season and then go the other way. Instead of looking back at last year and expecting the same results, see what could happen in reverse.

Finding value in AFL betting can be done if you are willing to look beyond the obvious. AFL betting futures can offer value if you expect surprises to happen. If you just go with last year’s results it is unlikely you will find much value or many winners on the AFL football betting futures board.

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