AFL betting dogs

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting is similar in some respects to NFL betting because underdogs can be attractive on the betting line.

It is a good rule of thumb AFL betting to always look at the underdog first. Sure, there are times you will take the chalk but the more times that you take the dog, the more value against the board that you are going to enjoy in AFL betting.

AFL betting lines always look attractive for betting favorites. That is a main reason to look at dogs. The gambling public tends to first side with and play the favorites, therefore making the favorites of little value most of the time.
Since the public leans with the chalks, and doesn’t like dogs, you will often get more points off the AFL betting board than what is actually merited, making the dogs a value-added play much of the time. Since the winning/losing margin is so small, most of the games in the Arena Football League are relatively even, which means that taking extra points with an underdog in a matchup is often a value-added play and a way to gain yourself a cushion in AFL football betting.

Sometimes in AFL betting the favorite is not always the better team. You might have instances where the underdog is the better team and is getting points. Those are the situations you really like in AFL betting. The added points are just a bonus if you are taking the better team. Arena League action is different than the NFL because more points are scored but that can sometimes be good news if you have the underdog in AFL betting. Late covers are common in Arena League games because the offense can strike quickly. Laying points is dangerous in any sport and that includes AFL football betting. It also helps in AFL football betting to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and that will mean betting underdogs. Opposite betting oftentimes works in sports and that includes AFL betting.

Take a look at dogs when you get involved in AFL betting this season. Remember that you have two ways to win with underdogs in AFL football betting. Your team can win straight up or you can cover the AFL betting pointspread.

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