AFL Betting Angles

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting angles can sometimes give you an edge as you look at Arena League games

There are certainly angles that can point you in the proper direction for potential value on the AFL football betting board. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

AFL betting angles begin by looking at a good team of playoff caliber that is coming off a loss. Such teams are usually motivated and likely to come out with extra fire, especially if they are coming off a loss as a favorite to a lesser team. Beyond that, you will often get good value on such teams in this situation because of the fickle nature of the AFL betting public, who will turn on a team in a heartbeat.

Another angle to consider in AFL betting is going against a weaker team that is coming off an upset win over a superior foe. They are often a good team to go against in their next game as they will be high and it’s also a case of the law of averages in which you are asking a weaker team to perform well in back-to-back games in AFL football betting. And, again, the AFL betting public has a lot to do with this angle as they will often make the mistake of making a “reach” with a team that is coming off an upset win, thinking that they may be on to a bargain or surprise team.

Another angle to keep in mind is more of common sense than anything else. Many gamblers will look to try and stop a streak in AFL betting. They will try and predict when a red hot team will lose in AFL football betting. Instead of trying to predict when the streak will end, why not ride the streak in AFL betting? Don’t fight a streak. This applies to winning and losing streaks in AFL betting.

Another angle that applies specifically to AFL betting is following line movement. AFL football betting lines often will move quickly and violently. You may want to get on board and bet the big line moves in AFL betting. This is a very simple angle but if you are able to get in quickly when the line moves occur, you can make money in AFL betting.

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