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Early NHL online betting favorites for 2015

The Los Angeles Kings may have just won the Stanley Cup, but as far as betting online goes, that doesn’t mean they are a shoe in for repeating in 2015. If anything, their status as reigning champions all but precludes them from being championship favorites next year. Insiders like to chalk this up to the salary cap era, but that only came into effect in 2005, and the last National Hockey League team to win back-to-back titles were the 1996-97, 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings. What’s more, only three teams have even made it to consecutive Stanley Cup Finals ever since; the aforementioned Red Wings, the New Jersey Devils, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Only 3 Teams Worth Betting Online at the World Cup

Even though the first round of the group stage hasn’t even finished yet, most online betting experts seem to agree that there are only three odds-on favorites to win the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Those three squads are host Brazil, Argentina, and Germany. That leaves out powerhouse teams such as current World Champion Spain -as well as the team that plowed through Spain, the Netherlands-, not to mention countries considered to be glorified filler like Honduras or… well, Honduras. 

NBA Playoffs Online Betting on the Indiana Pacers

A year ago, no matter how hard they tried, the Miami Heat did not make it to the NBA Finals.  This year however NBA online betting fans have seen a very different scenario. The Heat have been able beat the Pacers salvaging their win in the Eastern Conference Finals and later on defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now they will have to defeat the Pacers again in this year's finals, however this task will be easy as the Pacers have not really been any good since the last time they played against the Heat.

Indiana is a well-prepared team.  In every game they play, you cannot help but think they have a chance to win and many online betting fans go as far as taking action on their games.  They have performed good in the playoffs however the decision they took upon not restructuring their approach against the Knicks was not well taken by the public.  They would have managed the win against New York faster.  The Pacers did win and eliminated the Knicks; however, it could have been more efficiently.

Online Betting: Ole Miss Rebels vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

Before you even look at the live lines this week, you already know the Alabama Crimson Tide will enter as the favorite in this edition of online betting. This is the benefit of being the top ranked team in the country; no matter who you play, you are the favorite. However, they still have to show they deserve the ranking every week, and this game against the Ole Miss Rebels is no exception.

Online Betting: Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants

It’s safe to assume that Jim Brown won’t be an NFL scout anytime in the near future. Brown, the Hall of Fame running back that spent his entire career in Cleveland, said in a roundabout way that Trent Richardson was going to be a bust. The only bust that Richardson’s name might one day be associated is in Canton.

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