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Bet on NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs. Carolina Panthers

Minnesota Vikings versus Carolina Panthers Week 3 Odds PreviewPeople who bet on NFL will be excited to see the current NFC North title-holders Minnesota Vikings pay a visit to the defending NFC champions Carolina Panthers on Sunday September 25th at the Bank of America Stadium. The NFL betting online odds for the game are:
Vikings +7 (-110) 43 (-110) 
Panthers -7 (-110) 43 (-110)

Be Afraid: NE Patriots go 3-0 without Brady, aim at 5-0

NE Patriots go 3-0 without BradyOh, be very afraid, AFC Conference. People who bet on NFL and who have stuck with the New England Patriots, on the other hand, should be very proud of their allegiance. The Pats shut out Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans 27-0 last night at Gillette Stadium. At this point we would add, “and they did it without Tom Brady.” Let’s redact that; they did it without Tom Brady’s backup Jimmy Garoppolo. They did it with the backup’s backup. Life sure does imitate art, because this is pretty much the plot of Any Given Sunday.

SF 49ers look to snap Seahawks 5-Game Rivalry Streak

NFL Week 3 Odds 49ers vs. SeahawksThe Seattle Seahawks have won their last five meetings with the San Francisco 49ers, and according to NFL betting online odds, they will make it six on Sunday, September 25th at CenturyLink Field. Here are those odds for people who bet on NFL:
49ers +9 (-105) 40 (-110) +335 
Seahawks -9 (-115) 40 (-110) -415

Washington Redskins visit New York Giants in Week 3

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants NFL Week 3 oddsThe winless Washington Redskins will visit the 2-0 New York Giants, so what’s a guy who’d bet on NFL to do? All signs seem to point to the Giants making 3-0 on Sunday, September 25th at MetLife Stadium. But here are the NFL betting online odds:
Redskins +4½ (-105) 47 (-110) 
Giants -4½ (-115) 47 (-110)

Green Bay looking more like Lame Bay

Packers vs Lions NFL Week 3 Odds and Game PreviewComing into this season many critics considered the Green Bay Packers to be the safest bet on NFL futures. But the way Green Bay has performed in their first two games has left many fans regretting their prediction. The Packers opened their season by barely squeezing by the Jacksonville Jaguars – a team that went 8-24 in the last two seasons. The Jaguars are currently 0-2 but the NFL recently admitted that they missed a crucial call late in the game that would have put the Jags in an excellent position to win the game. Had the flag been thrown the Packers would likely be sitting at 0-2 for the season and be in an even worse position than they find themselves in now. 

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