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NFL Betting Odds to win Super Bowl LI (Post Draft)

NFL Betting Odds to win Super Bowl LI Not to long ago we posted our full list of all the NFL betting odds to win the Super Bowl before the 2016 Draft, after the dust have settled let’s check them again. 

Patriots NFL betting favorites despite Brady’s suspension

Patriots NFL betting favorites despite Brady’s suspensionSome teams like the New York Jets saw their NFL betting odds to win Super Bowl LI improve in the wake of Tom Brady’s reinstated four-game suspension. However, the New England Patriots remain the odds-on sportsbook favorites to dethrone the Denver Broncos.

Who’ll be the NFL Draft loneliest number, Wentz or Goff?

2016 NFL Draft betting picksOne is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Two can be as bad as one. It's the loneliest number since the number one. It is pretty much a fact that either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will be the number one pick in the NFL draft on Thursday 28th. If the former is the first pick then the latter will be second, and vice versa – but who will be which and which will be who? The Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles traded up for the top two picks, and the Rams have expressed their intentions of taking whoever they think is the better signal-caller. It is understood that the Eagles will also pick a quarterback around whom to build a franchise.

Tom Brady's Deflategate Suspension Reinstated

Tom Brady deflategate suspension re-instatedBefore last season, the NFL betting world was stunned that the biggest star in the league and perhaps the greatest Quarterback of all time was being handed a 4 game suspension due to his involvement in “deflategate.” After an appeal and just in time before he season was about to start, the U.S. court revoked the original suspension that was handed to Tom Brady.

Odds before the NFL Draft

Online Betting Odds before the NFL DraftWe are just days away from the 2016 NFL Draft, and there has been so much talk amongst online betting insiders about how can the draft change the odds for all the teams in the league.  So many possibilities and so sudden unexpected changes have occurred in the draft order. Can we anticipate some true changes? Will teams see their stocks rise or fall? It all remains to be seen. 

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