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Super Bowl XLIX Prop Betting Recap

Now that the fanfare is done and the janitors are cleaning the confetti, we move on to our Super Bowl XLIX prop betting recap. It might spell disappointment for some, and glorious victory for others, but it was an exciting game of football. Let's peek into some of the many aspects of the game that where wagered on.

Post-Super Bowl NFL Power Rankings for 2015

Now with Super Bowl XLIX out of the way, the NFL Power Rankings for 2015 naturally have the New England Patriots ruling. Those that bet on NFL football at an online sportsbook now have some six months to anticipate the games that will be on Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday night football and everybody now has the same feeling as the 2014 season ended.

How the Seahawks Lost Super Bowl XLIX to the Patriots

Super Bowl XLIX had a dramatic ending that led the Patriots to the win and their fourth Super Bowl title. The Seahawks failed in their goal of consecutive Super Bowl titles. As in many games in the NFL, at times the win or loss is a matter of inches, and Seattle was on the 1 yard line with 1st and goal with 20 seconds left in the game. The question now remains, should they have given the ball to RB Lynch, and would that have been a better call, than the pass attempt that was intercepted by Patriots rookie DB Butler?

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