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NFL Betting: A preview to the 2104 Season

As the season is approaching, NFL betting fans are starting to get their information and predictions lined up, so when the time comes, they will be ready. But with so many stories coming out from the offseason and considering what has happened in last season. What should the average football betting fan know or be on the lookout for?

The very top story of the offseason has to be how the Patriots are trying t set up a tough competitive team to take them to the Super Bowl one more time. As Tom Brady’s career reaches its final years, the New England organization will try this year to continue and cement the dynasty as one of the top teams in the NFL. If their starters remain healthy as much as possible. You can put The Pats as serious contenders and usual favorites in NFL betting.


The Super Bowl XLVIII will feature the Battle of the Number 1’s. Most have heard the expression ‘the immovable object versus the irresistible force’ that has been used as narrative in many sporting events.  That expression will be used very often by everyone leading to this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The reason is because he Denver Broncos and their high powered offense which happens to be the best in the NFL, will face the Seattle Seahawks who have a defense that suffocates the opponent and is ranked number one in the league. Thus, it all comes down to the classic question of who can force their strengths on the opposing team to win the game. It’s #1 against #1 for all the marbles.  

The Super Bowl XLVIII is the 48th Super Bowl to be played,  and it is just the sixth  time that two (2) ranked #1 teams on offense and defense will have play for the Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. The real question for this game is whether there really is any relevance to a game based on previous history of the super bowl games, and how this game, which features two number one teams on opposites of the ball, will be determined. 


A 2014 Super Bowl forecast reports weather with snow covering the Newark area. But that’s another day, and another forecast with less than seven days before Super Bowl XLVIII at the MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey with kickoff scheduled for 6:35 pm ET may be available. Thus, you probably may feel excited, but if you go to the game, prepare for a little cold.

An ESPN reporter is there and feeling the cold.  He had never been to New York City before, and actually left a day sooner and landed in Newark which is the airport where the Broncos and Seahawks will land.  When he arrived his picture for Sunday’s game was a terrifying one. He said it will get warmer this week, but still all could be covered in snow the entire time, and that’s still not a guaranteed prediction.  

When the time comes, it will be cold when the teams kick-off. The weather channel has changed their prediction of snow from 40% for Saturday to 60% for the Sunday game,  and still not really sure of Saturday’s weather.  Then Weather Underground stated they are staying with the prediction of Ice Pellets for the Sunday game. They in turn predict just the opposite with Saturday having 60% and on 40% precipitation Sunday.

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