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Odds before the NFL Draft

Online Betting Odds before the NFL DraftWe are just days away from the 2016 NFL Draft, and there has been so much talk amongst online betting insiders about how can the draft change the odds for all the teams in the league.  So many possibilities and so sudden unexpected changes have occurred in the draft order. Can we anticipate some true changes? Will teams see their stocks rise or fall? It all remains to be seen. 

NFL Opening Week schedule posted!

NFL 2106 Season Odds AvailableJanuary 7th when the Playoffs are scheduled to begin. All the excitement that comes with betting on NFL will have to wait as for the moment, as only prop bets are there, the lines for the first week of NFL football have not as of yet been posted. But here are some of the games that will be interesting to see. 

Raiders flirting with Las Vegas

Oakland Raiders are openly seeking a possible relocation to Las VegasThe Oakland Raiders are openly seeking a possible relocation to Las Vegas, making fans that bet on NFL wonder on the many possibilities. Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders Franchise, visited the city for a second time in recent months to take a tour of Sam Boyd stadium, home of the UNLV Rebels. This because the plan is to seek a provisional home for the NFL team, while a new stadium is built to serve as home for Las Vegas first NFL franchise. The new stadium would be built near to the Las Vegas Strip.

Thursday Night Football is coming to Twitter!

NFL betting and tweeting during Thrusday Night football games NFL betting and tweeting during football games is going to be a bit more interactive, as the NFL has announced that for the 2016 season Thursday Night Football will be streamed directly on the popular social media network. Twitter reportedly paid 10 million dollars for the rights to live-stream 10 games during the season, in what already is a breakthrough in sports media coverage, and they hope it will be the beginning of a new ways for people to enjoy heir social experience. 

2016 NFL Hall of Fame Inductees

Brett Favre in Packers uniform throwing footballIronically this Sunday the 7th of February 2016 the big day for the NFL and Super Bowl 50, also became the day that the selection committee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame publicized their selections for the Class of 2016 and we will briefly present the newly selected inductees whom now have a new home in Canton, Ohio.

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