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The 2014 Raiders have added some aging veterans!

As the 2014 NFL season approaches let us look at the Oakland Raiders and their rebuilding scheme and some of the players they brought into their organization this offseason. 

Many are asking can aging veterans still have an impact for a franchise in this 2014 NFL season. Thus, you are talking about some discarded or unwanted players of former teams and players who actually have had previous success in the NFL and now are on the Oakland Raiders roster with the possibility of having a “chip on their shoulder.” 

Therefore, it appears at Oakland all have something to prove, and they for the most part are going to work on it and prove they still have remaining talent. Now all those have been are seeking success.

The Buffalo Bills are for sale and price exceeds $1.1 billion!

As the 2014 NFL season approaches, it has been announced that the Buffalo Bill are expecting to sell that franchise for over $1.1 billion dollars according to a report.

The value of professional sports franchises went through the roof recently with the controversial situation with the Los Angeles Clippers and prospects are exciting as the proposed sale of the Clippers is at $2 billion dollars, but yet to be finalized.   Then with the death of Ralph Wilson, owners of the Bill that franchise are now on the market.

Our sources which include some league information told us that the Bills present ownership expect the sale of the Bill team to pass $1.1 billion, and that seems to be a incredible price since the Forbes magazine recently valued the Buffalo Bills franchise at some $870 million dollars.  Those groups interested in ownership of the Bills can anticipate paying at least 20% more than the value of the team according to the experts.

News from around the NFL Leagues and more

The NFL training camps in the NFL are starting this week, thus it’s an exciting time for all football and sports fans. And as the week begins there is lots of news floating in the media for fans to digest, so why not take a look at some noteworthy news and players making the headlines in the NFL. 

The Chicago Bears are starting out the training camp with some QB competition since McCown left Chicago for better things to come with Tampa Bay.  The real question now in Chicago and the Windy City, is who will be taking over the No.2 spot with the Bears this 2014 season?

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