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Has the NFL Gotten Too Big to Fall?

After the 2014-15 XLIX Super Bowl and the Patriots winning their 4th Super Bowl, some are asking an interesting question, if the NFL has grown to the point that it’s too big to fall?

Super Bowl XLIX - Seahawks Lose or Patriots Win? Belichick Explains

With the 2014-15 Super Bowl XLIX now history, there is still a lot of NFL skeptics, analysts and media personnel discussing the play calling that took place in the last minute of the game. Pete Carroll's pass play resulted in a very dramatic change of events, as the Seahawks had the ball on Patriots 1 yard line and with 2nd and goal, and only 26 seconds left in the game with the Patriots in the lead 28-24!

Super Bowl XLIX Prop Betting Recap

Now that the fanfare is done and the janitors are cleaning the confetti, we move on to our Super Bowl XLIX prop betting recap. It might spell disappointment for some, and glorious victory for others, but it was an exciting game of football. Let's peek into some of the many aspects of the game that where wagered on.

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