NFL Betting

     NFL betting begins with preseason games starting in August and continues right through to the Super Bowl held in February. The options available for NFL betting at our sportsbook include weekly games, Super Bowl odds, total team wins, odds to win the AFC or NFC conference, player props and more.


Gamblers around the world can't wait for the NFL betting season to begin. There are a many reasons that gamblers love American football betting but the main reason why it is the most popular sport among gamblers is that it is also the most popular sport watched by the betting public. The public loves NFL betting more than any other sport and of course if the public watches something on TV, they bet on it.

As we have discussed, the major reason that people love NFL betting is because they can watch all the games on television. If you have any of the NFL packages available with DirecTV, DISH or ESPN; you could bet on every single game and watch it too. Even if you don't have any of the packages, you can still watch at least three games a week from any of the national networks like CBS, ABC or NBC including the Sunday night and Monday night football games.

NFL betting on televised games is definitely more exciting than other sports betting options since you can watch the games unfold. There are also occasionally Thursday and Saturday games during the regular season on national television that are very popular for NFL betting. Sunday is the main day for betting on NFL football though with most of the games being played that day.

Gamblers that really don't do much sports betting on anything else will always get involved in NFL betting once they see a game on TV.

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Rams-Chiefs and Dolphins-Jaguars NFL Week 8 Previews

This week, for NFL Week 8, we will preview a couple of games, where the teams have the talent, but just can’t seem to get it together. The first game in the category is the Saint Louis Rams 2-4 (4th NFC West) playing at the Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 (3rd AFC West), at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., with game time at 1 PM ET and television coverage on Fox TV. The Chiefs are favored in the game at -7 (-105) with O/U 41 and ML on Chiefs -320, comeback +260 for the Rams.

Steelers Run Away with Game Over Texans

This past Monday night, the Houston Texans now 3-4 (2nd AFC South) struggled to stay afloat against the Pittsburgh Steelers now 4-3 (2nd AFC North), as the Steelers overwhelmed the Texans. Let's take a look at how it all went down.

Recap of Cowboys Beatdown of Giants in Week 8

This past Sunday, Oct. 19th we had two teams, who stayed in the NFL with only 1 loss. The first was the Dallas Cowboys now 6-1 who beat Giants 31-21, and the 2nd team the Philadelphia Eagles 5-1, had a bye week. We already looked at the Broncos and Cardinals, so this article will cover the Cowboys and Eagles.

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