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Faux Canadian pride aside, Raptors favorites versus Heat

Toronto Raptors (-200) are the basketball betting favorites against the Miami Heat (+170)The Toronto Raptors (-200) are basketball betting favorites against the Miami Heat (+170). Unlike the rest of the teams in the NBA playoffs, the Raptors have not just one city, but an entire country pulling for them – theoretically speaking. Canadian sports fans sustained quite a blow this year as not one Canadian hockey team made the NHL playoffs.

Warriors save Curry for Spurs, Blazers and Thunder miffed

MVP Stephen Curry  InjuryJust like when Dorothy told the Scarecrow she would miss him the most within the other two guys’ hearing range, many online betting sportsbooks are treating the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs’ respective rivals – the Portland Trailblazers and Oklahoma City Thunder – as mere afterthoughts.

NBA Playoffs: East Round 2 Online Betting Preview

Eastern Conference playoffs betting online previewThe second round for the Eastern Conference playoffs are now here and the online betting world can finally join the Cavaliers in saying: “FINALLY!” Crisis adverted by the favorites in their lengthy series, as they managed to put away the plucky underdogs that made them really sweat this time around.

Sports Betting Preview of the Spurs vs. Thunder Series

NBA Playoffs Spurs vs. Thunder BettingWith all due respect to the Grizzlies and Mavericks, the Spurs and Thunder are finally going to get some competition on the NBA playoffs. Sport betting insiders are hyping this series to be the best basketball we will get to see in the second round as both teams have been very evenly matched throughout the regular season.  This could be a tight series that has the potential of going to a full seven games, and it really could go either way, but San Antonio does have a slight edge over Oklahoma City.

Hornets take the Lead at Game 5!

NBA Playoffs Betting - Hornets take the lead at game 5When we were giving you our Betting on Basketball preview of the Eastern Conference Playoffs we said that the Charlotte Hornets looked like underdogs, had the odds of an underdog, and well, played like underdogs. Yet, we acknowledged that the Hornets had a very decent chance of upsetting the Miami Heat, especially if they manage to steal one game from Miami. Last Night, they did, and not only that, game 6 moves to Charlotte with the Hornets on the brink of eliminating the favorite Heat.

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