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The NBA is a great league for basketball betting fans and our sportsbook at SBG Global offers superb NBA betting options. Basketball betting is a bit different than other sports because there are so many games on the board duing the typical 82-game season. Keep in mind that the NBA betting season has different parts.

You have the early part of the season with teams feeling each other out, the meat of the season when teams play the bulk of their games, and the NBA playoffs where NBA basketball betting is somewhat different with each team playing up to seven games against the other. We definitely need to handicap each one of these parts differently.


We have to change our ratings and our feelings about teams as they move from one part of the season to another. Some basketball betting players will wait out the first couple of weeks of the season and let the dust settle before jumping headfirst into the pro basketball betting season.

You don't have to wait to start betting on NBA basketball but be aware that things change throughout the season. Futures betting odds for the NBA may be updated weekly or daily depending on matchups, injuries, and team trends.

You always want to be aware of the different philosophies of teams, and coaches as you look at basketball betting. Sometimes basketball betting gamblers look only at the results, not necessarily the strength of schedule and other intangibles that can be important. Don't make that mistake.

Look beyond just the final score and consider other factors like travel, injuries, scheduling, revenge, etc. as you look at the basketball betting lines. Take a look at the matchups as you examine the basketball betting line each day.

If you take into consideration more than just the final score you can win money at basketball betting this season.

For even more help winning at pro basketball betting, read our analysis of games, teams, and matchups below.

Basketball Betting and NBA Betting at SBG Global. Check all the live NBA betting lines today.

Raptors tie series, Jurassic Park to remain open

Raptors tie series 2-2The possibility for an online betting upset came into fruition last night as the Toronto Raptors wagged their fingers (literally!) at the Cavaliers and said: “Not in our house”. This means that the series is going to six games at least and that Jurassic Park will remain open for business for said crucial game at Toronto. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry combined for 67 points, and pretty much demonstrated that they are up to the challenge and are not going to let Cleveland walk into the NBA Finals so easily.

Raptors Out to Even Series at Game 4

Raptors end Cavs playoffs streakOnline betting fans were surprised when the Toronto Raptors finally manages to pull one back from the Cavaliers and put an end to their impressive post season run. After two very dominating wins by Cleveland, the Raptors decided to remind us that even though evidence proves otherwise, LeBron James is, in fact, human. In a gritty, hard fought game 3, the Raptors were able to contain the Cavaliers and handed them their first post-season loss. Now, as fans betting on basketball get ready for game 4, a shift of momentum could be coming if the Raptors manage to pull another win.

Thunder takes lead 2-1, Warriors might lose Draymond Green

Westbrook and KD lead the Thunders to 2-1 leadOklahoma Thunder Center Steven Addams got kicked in the nads but he still got back up and helped his team win game 3 of the NBA playoffs Western Conference Finals. Which is a good representation of the Thunder’s spirit when confronted with the favorites when it comes to betting on basketball. Last night Oklahoma City defeated Golden State 133-105 to take and lead the series 2-1. The Thunder outscored the Warriors by 18 points in the paint, outrebounded them by 14 and blocked eight shots to Golden State's one. Oklahoma also went small for stretches with Serge Ibaka at center and finished the game with 29 fast-break points.

Western Conference Final Moves to Oklahoma City tied 1-1

Western Conference Final moves to Oklahoma City tied 1-1Online betting favorites Golden State Warriors rained down an ungodly firestorm upon the Oklahoma City Thunder. We’re talking scorched earth. They massacred them. But you already know that. In fact, you already knew it before it even happened. It was yesterday’s news the day prior. It was as expected as thunder is expected after lightning. Speaking of which, people betting on basketball known that lightning doesn’t usually strike twice – and apparently neither does Thunder for that matter, at least not two times in a row. The real story here remains OKC’s game 1 win.

Cavaliers Obliterate Raptors in Game 1

Cavaliers favorites against Toronto Raptors Online betting favorites Cavaliers really made quite the statement as they took the Toronto Raptors to school on game 1 of the Easter Conference Finals. The team lead by, the closest thing we’ll get to a real life Monstar, LeBron James demolished Toronto 115 to 84. The result was a lot of sad Canadians, and we’re assuming around 17,000 crying Jordan memes in Drake’s Twitter mentions. This series is going to be an uphill battle for the team from the North.

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