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The NBA is a great league for basketball betting fans and our sportsbook at SBG Global offers superb NBA betting options. Basketball betting is a bit different than other sports because there are so many games on the board duing the typical 82-game season. Keep in mind that the NBA betting season has different parts.

You have the early part of the season with teams feeling each other out, the meat of the season when teams play the bulk of their games, and the NBA playoffs where NBA basketball betting is somewhat different with each team playing up to seven games against the other. We definitely need to handicap each one of these parts differently.


We have to change our ratings and our feelings about teams as they move from one part of the season to another. Some basketball betting players will wait out the first couple of weeks of the season and let the dust settle before jumping headfirst into the pro basketball betting season.

You don't have to wait to start betting on NBA basketball but be aware that things change throughout the season. Futures betting odds for the NBA may be updated weekly or daily depending on matchups, injuries, and team trends.

You always want to be aware of the different philosophies of teams, and coaches as you look at basketball betting. Sometimes basketball betting gamblers look only at the results, not necessarily the strength of schedule and other intangibles that can be important. Don't make that mistake.

Look beyond just the final score and consider other factors like travel, injuries, scheduling, revenge, etc. as you look at the basketball betting lines. Take a look at the matchups as you examine the basketball betting line each day.

If you take into consideration more than just the final score you can win money at basketball betting this season.

For even more help winning at pro basketball betting, read our analysis of games, teams, and matchups below.

Basketball Betting and NBA Betting at SBG Global. Check all the live NBA betting lines today.

The Chicago Bulls’ Valentine does not get a single Rose

Could Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler get along in the backcourt?Chicago Bulls’ basketball betting fans were mostly concerned about one thing. Could Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler get along in the backcourt? Rose being traded to the New York Knicks rendered that question moot, but it also opens the door for 14th overall pick in the first round of the NBA draft Denzel Valentine to become in 2016-17 what Rose was to the Bulls in 2008-09. Sure, Rose was the 1st overall pick in that year’s draft, but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

The Milwaukee Bucks meet their Maker

Milwaukee Bucks  newsFans who pulled the trigger on betting on basketball on the Milwaukee Bucks at SBG Global sportsbook last season ended up like deer caught in the headlights. In spite of a promising 2014-15 campaign and group of very young and very skilled players, the Bucks finished 2015-16 with a 33-49 records and failed to qualify to the playoffs. Nevertheless, general manager John Hammond stuck to his gut and unearthed another obscure player in the 2016 NBA draft. In 2013, it was Grecian Giannis Antetokounmpo; this year, it’s Australian/Sudanese Thon Maker. Hammond is pretty much the Brangelina of professional basketball. 

Toronto Raptors make it cool to be a Canadian fan Again

Toronto Raptors Upcoming SeasonCanadians fans found out what it was like to be betting on basketball at SBG Global sportsbook and actually winning thanks to the Toronto Raptors having by far the most successful season in the history of the franchise in 2015–16. Not only did the Raptors surpass the 50-win mark for the first time in their 21 seasons in the NBA – they finished 56-26 – but they defied the odds by eliminating the Miami Heat in the Western Conference playoff semifinals and even gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a run for their money in the WC Finals. Ain’t no shame in losing to the eventual champions; the Raptors can be rightfully proud.

Sacramento Kings: Neither Very Sacred nor Very Kingly

Sacramento KingsThe Sacramento Kings had their last season in seven years in 2015-16. Unfortunately, the bar was set so low that the Kings limboed under it with a 33-49 record. However, now that that seven-year itch has been scratched, perhaps they start aiming for an actual winning percentage. How can the Kings go about that, fans betting on basketball at SBG Global sportsbook might ask. According to's Draft expert, Scott Howard-Cooper, Sacramento should have gone for either Jaylen Brown, Kris Dunn, or Buddy Hield in the 2016 draft. Instead, they got Georgios Papagiannis, Bogdanovich, and Skal Labissière – all of whom they traded Marquese Chriss to the Phoenix Suns for.

Nuggets shooting for Wade is not the shooting they need

Denver Nuggets offered Dwayne Wade $52 million for two years The Denver Nuggets offered Dwayne Wade $52 million for two years – the largest contract in the history of the franchise believe it or not. The new – good or bad depending on whom you ask – is that Wade turned down in favor of the Chicago Bulls. The decidedly good news is that the Nuggets shooting for a major superstar shows their commitment to becoming a favorite of people betting on basketball at SBG Global sportsbook. However, the shooting they need to be aiming for should take place on a basketball floor. Denver was a bottom-five shooting team from outside the paint, with only Danilo Gallinari and Gary Harris shooting above the league average on at least 200 three-point attempts.

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