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NL Central Division Preview for 2015

baseball batsIt’s ironic that on this Easter Sunday the 5th of April 2015 the 1st game of the regular 2015 MLB Season starts with the game between the Cardinals of Saint Louis and the Cubs of Chicago, and the experts are picking the Cardinals to win the Central Division as we preview the 2015 Central for MLB.

Season Opener with Cardinals at Cubs

baseball sitting on groundWith the NBA and NCAA BB seasons coming to end, it’s time for the Major League Baseball (MLB) to get underway and the 1st game of the 2015 Regular Season starts this Sunday the 5th of April with just one game from the National League, with the Cardinals of Saint Louis playing the Cubs of Chicago at 8 PM ET with the game played at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois and will be seen on ESPN2.

Challenges in 2015 for Major League Baseball

baseball player sliding into homeWith the football season now in our rear view mirror, we are taking some time to look at the NBA, NHL, NCAA BB and MLB for the present, and today we take a look at the 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) season and what the challenges are that face the American Baseball Stadiums.

Giants at Royals World Series Game 7 Betting Preview

overhead view of hitter and catcher waiting for pitchWe had predicted this series would be over in 6 games, but as all World Series betting goes there are many factors that come into play. Yesterday we expected the Giants edging out the Royals, but just barely. We also acknowledged that the Royals had the tools and the home field advantage that could potentially level the series in their favor. But we didn’t consider that they would do it in such a magnificent fashion.

Giants at Royals World Series Game 6 Betting Preview

baseball player throwing ballWorld Series betting has reached its zenith, as right now the Giants and Royals are staring down on the stretch of make or break moments on each series. The San Francisco Giants could very well win it all tonight and finally cement their dynasty by clinching their third World Championship in a decade.

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