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NLDS Preview - Cardinals Take on Giants

view of full baseball stadium and fieldThe National League has now their Champion Series and we preview it for MLB baseball betting fans. The St. Louis Cardinals will face the San Francisco Giants, after both teams overcame two difficult challenges in their respective Divisional series.

Orioles vs Royals ACLS Playoffs Matchup Preview

baseball players in gameFresh off two unexpected sweeps on their series, the Orioles and the Royals are gearing up to a ALCS that will have MLB Baseball Betting closely watching. Both teams are coming with high morale and a huge momentum, thanks to two great performances on their respective series. Also both teams came into the series expected to be the losing effort, but both Baltimore and Kansas City have steamrolled over their opponents.

Thursday MLB Betting Picks

baseball player looking at ball with catcher and umpire behind himWith the Wild card games over and the post season fully set, we now preview the Division series in our MLB Betting Picks. The Kansas City Royals were able to squeeze in after a dramatic win against the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants powered through and shut out the Pittsburg Pirates to show they could be contenders for another trip to the Fall Classic. But the if there is something about baseball and the post season is that anything can happen.

Yankees announce Jeter retirement date and ticket prices Soar

This 2014 Major League Baseball regular season share with it fans a surprise announcement that the New York Yankees are going to officially honor their retiring and shortstop and Captain Derek Jeter in their 7th of September 2014 game with the Kansas City Royals. That announcement sent the ticket prices for that game increasing rapidly in the resale market for tickets.

Prior to that announcement the list average price for a ticket to the home game in the Bronx with KC had started at some $135 plus before that announcement and now the price as of this past Saturday is over $450 according to the ticket resale market.

Some 2nd Half Predictions!

As I take a look at the 2nd half of the 2014 MLB season, here are some predictions that are a good guess in my book!  Why not a guess, since the hitters try to guess what the pitcher will throw next, while the pitcher tries to guess what the hitter is thinking, and manager will guess what reliever they should use next, and we fans and reporters are second-guessing all. Thus, this may lead to some not so correct guessing.  And if that’s what you were thinking, then you probably guessed correctly.

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