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Betting on Baseball: Is this the year for the Cubs?

Chicago Cubs 2016 Betting AnalysisThe world witnessed last season an awakening and the first glimpses onto what could be the biggest story in professional sports of the decade. Fans betting on baseball are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season, and the chance to see if the Chicago Cubs are going to finally break the curse. All the ingredients appear to be there and the planets seem to be aligning. Heck, Barrack Obama just went to Cuba and there is talk that the trade embargo will finally be lifted once and for all! So, Cubs’ fans are twitching with excitement and with good reason, all these different things could be falling into place.

MLB Betting: Will the Mets return to the World Series?

Will the Mets return to the World Serie? Odds are in FavorDie hard Mets fans are still reeling over the loss they had versus the Kansas City Royals on last October’s World Series. Now MLB betting experts are weighing in if the New York team can emulate the Royals 2015 story and be back on the World Series and win the championship. Yet, as good as the Mets are, they are still the Mets and they have this funk about them that follows them around. Their story of shortcomings cast a shadow on the Mets that makes sports betting fans cautious before picking them to win it all. 

The David Price Deal Puts Boston Near the Top of World Series Betting in 2016

baseball player sliding into home plateThe Boston Red Sox have won three World Series titles since 2004 and are hoping to add to their trophy case once again in 2016. The Red Sox are hoping to do this not only for the team’s history and for its fans but also for David Ortiz, the longtime Red Sox star who will be retiring at the end of the 2016 season.

World Series Game 3 Betting Odds - Royals at Mets

Mets player swinging at baseballWith the 2015 Major League Baseball World Series underway we preview the 3rd game of this Series as the Royals of Kansas City 2-0 travel to play the New York Mets 0-2 with the game being played at the Citi Field in Flushing, New York and game time starts at 8:05 PM ET and seen on Fox TV.

World Series Preview for the Mets at Royals Series

Royals game at baseball parkWith the 2015 Major League Baseball Series beginning on Tuesday the 27th of October 2015 and Game 1 includes the Mets of New York playing at the Royals of Kansas City with game time set at 8:10 PM ET and seen on Fox TV.

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