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NLDS Preview - Cardinals Take on Giants

The National League has now their Champion Series and we preview it for MLB baseball betting fans. The St. Louis Cardinals will face the San Francisco Giants, after both teams overcame two difficult challenges in their respective Divisional series.

Orioles vs Royals ACLS Playoffs Matchup Preview

Fresh off two unexpected sweeps on their series, the Orioles and the Royals are gearing up to a ALCS that will have MLB Baseball Betting closely watching. Both teams are coming with high morale and a huge momentum, thanks to two great performances on their respective series. Also both teams came into the series expected to be the losing effort, but both Baltimore and Kansas City have steamrolled over their opponents.

Thursday MLB Betting Picks

With the Wild card games over and the post season fully set, we now preview the Division series in our MLB Betting Picks. The Kansas City Royals were able to squeeze in after a dramatic win against the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants powered through and shut out the Pittsburg Pirates to show they could be contenders for another trip to the Fall Classic. But the if there is something about baseball and the post season is that anything can happen.

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