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Baseball betting totals at SBG Global are something that serious players look at each year. There are a number of factors to consider when looking at totals in MLB betting including umpires. That is why, this 2016 MLB betting season we want to advice you what to look at every time you wager baseball at SBG Global.


Baseball betting for some people really does involve wagering on totals. There are gamblers and handicappers that consider totals a great way to make money in baseball betting. Some of those gamblers really look at the umpire factor. Finding out the home plate umpire before each game is easy enough to do, so taking umpires into consideration when betting totals is something you should consider.

Baseball betting totals are available on every game from April until June at SBG Global. That means you have a lot of games to choose from. Looking at umpires is one way to increase your chances of winning in MLB betting. Remember that umpires rotate from first base to home plate and around the diamond so you can easily predict who the next day's umpire will be. Also, you can go to the stats page and verify the Umpire Report. MLB stats with us also include games, matchups, team stats, pitcher stats, pitcher reports, standings, trends and injuries.

If you are looking at baseball betting totals there are some things to remember going back to the umpire trend. It seems like a good idea when you bet on baseball to follow statistics from previous years but for some reason the data doesn't always hold true with umpires. It could be that umpires are human and not the most consistent so their trends are tough to figure out. Nevertheless, SGB Global always tries to have the best and most precise statistics for all MLB betting fans.

With baseball betting totals there are the basic stats like ERA, hitting, home/away numbers etc. Those are usually incorporated into the MLB betting line. The umpire is never taken into consideration as the oddsmakers simply don't care who is behind the plate. This also applies to baseball bet sides since there are trends for umpires in terms of how they call a game for the home or the road team. Most people ignore this factor but there are some interesting stats to look at in regards to umpires.

There is no question that totals in baseball betting don't get as much attention as sides. That doesn't mean they can't be profitable and looking at the umpire factor might just give you the added edge you need to win in MLB betting at our sportsbook.

MLB Betting Odds to Win each National League Division

odds to win each National League divisionMLB betting odds to win National League East
Atlanta Braves +2850 
Miami Marlins +1400 
New York Mets +185 
Philadelphia Phillies +3100 

MLB Betting Odds to Win each American League Division

MLB betting odds to win each American League divisionMLB betting odds to win American League East
Baltimore Orioles +910 
Boston Red Sox -140 
New York Yankees +500 

10 Early 2017 Baseball Betting Tips to Improve Earnings

10 Early 2017 Baseball Betting Tips to Improve EarningsThe 2017 Major League Baseball – and with it baseball betting – will open on April 2nd. Here are a few tips for fans who like to bet on MLB at SBG Global online sportsbook.
1. K.I.S.S. The first bets of the season should be a primer to gauge the how each team approaches the new campaign. Therefore simple, straight bets should be the order of the day as opposed to parlay bets in which all wagers must win in order to get some ROI. 

San Francisco Giants vs L.A. Dodgers Odds - Tuesday, March 7, 2017

San Francisco Giants vs. LA Dodgers MLB betting previewHere are the MLB betting odds for today’s San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers spring training game at Camelback Ranch-Glendale for fans who bet on baseball at SBG online sportsbook:
San Francisco Giants +105 
Los Angeles Dodgers -125

Washington Nationals versus Houston Astros MLB betting

Washington Nationals versus Houston Astros Odds Here are the MLB betting odds for today’s Washington Nationals versus Houston Astros spring training game at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches for fans who bet on baseball at SBG online sportsbook:
Nationals +110 
Astros -130

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