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In soccer betting you will find three main soccer leagues available. They are the English Premier, Italian, and MLS soccer leagues. There are also many other leagues and tournaments throughout the year that attract great soccer betting interest. The biggest occurs every four years when the best soccer players compete for the World Cup.


Soccer Betting Line Types

There are basically two types of soccer betting lines. There is the straight soccer betting money line and what is called three-way soccer betting odds. Let's take a look at both of these soccer betting types. The money line in soccer betting odds is just like a baseball betting line. It might look like this:

Brazil +150
Argentina -170
Total 2.5 over -120

In this particular example it is a straight soccer gaming money line where you risk $170 for every $100 you want to win on Argentina or the 17/10 equivalent. If you like Brazil you get $150 for every $100 wager on Brazil or the 10/15 equivalent. The total is 2.5 with the over at -120.

The three-way soccer betting line includes the draw option and is listed as such:

Brazil +220
Argentina +130
Draw +170
Total 2.5 over -120

The soccer betting line in this case adds the draw option so that if the game ends in a tie it would pay $170 for every $100 wagered. During the regular season the wagers are official after 90 minutes, or regulation time in soccer game results.

Soccer betting odds for gamblers around the world involves the same handicapping techniques as other sports. If you want to become a professional soccer gaming player or "punter" as they are referred to then you need to learn soccer handicapping basics. There are many places to consider soccer betting odds and soccer game results. The first place people begin is with their overall match handicapping.

They move to team handicapping that includes ratings, averages, streaks, injuries, home/away ratings, soccer game results, etc. They then consider head to head statistics, individual matchups etc. They also break down league data that looks at the best soccer players. This is all part of soccer handicapping and soccer betting.

Odds to Win the Copa America Centenario

Here are the odds to win the Copa America CentenarioFans betting on soccer are going to be so spoiled this summer, as we are not just getting the Euro, we are also getting the Copa America! The prestigious South American tournament is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary and to mark the special occasion they are hosting a big tournament in the US that will include Caribbean, Central and North American National teams, making it the biggest continental tournament the Americas have ever experienced. And with the Euro going on at almost the same time, well it’s kind of like having the next best thing to the World Cup.

Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid Pt. 2: Simeone’s Revenge

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid UCL RematchSoccer betting fans who are sticklers for statistics would note that the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday 28th is actually Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid Part 213 or so. In fact, this is probably not even the first time the square off in European competition. However, this is the second time that the two teams will do battle for the UCL trophy. Part 1 came in 2014 when Real dramatically tied the match in injury time and then proceeded to – in much less dramatic fashion – to crush Atlético into cosmic particles to the surprise of none who bet on soccer.

Ronaldo at his ‘best’ for UCL final despite injury scare

Soccer betting fans need not worry over Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury scare during practice yesterday. According to Ronaldo he “had a small problem in the training session” but will be at his “best level” for the UEFA Champions League Finals versus Atlético Madrid regardless. The Portuguese star left practice early under his own power after colliding with should-be-starting-goalkeeper-instead-of-you-know-who Kiko Casilla. Perhaps they were recreating Draymond Green’s low blow of Steve Addams – though thankfully it was Ronaldo’s thigh that took the brunt of the clash. However, doctors quickly dismissed any potential injuries.

Round up of Domestic Cup Finals in Europe

Juve faces Milan in Coppa ItaliaAll over the world, betting on soccer season is coming to an end, and then we will redirect our attentions to the most important continental competitions. But before we focus on the Euro and the Copa America, there are 5 Domestic Cup Finals that will put a bow on European domestic soccer. These games will provide some more excitement for the average bettor/soccer fan.


UEFA Europa League: Sevilla makes Liverpool a footnote

Sevilla Europa League ChampSoccer betting experts like to say that history is written by the victors, and Sevilla made history by becoming the first-ever five-time (or as Booker T would put it, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time, Five Time!) UEFA Europa League champion, the first team to win the title three times in a row (2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016), and the only squad to win the tournament more than twice without ever losing a final. As a result, Liverpool – though a slight favorite among people who bet on soccer going in – has been reduced to a mere footnote in the annals of European football.

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