WNBA Betting Odds

Statistics as you bet on WNBA

Bet on WNBA statistics from the 2008 season saw Detroit win their third overall title but they were not the best team in WNBA odds.

A Short Season of Betting WNBA at SBG Global

Betting WNBA games is somewhat unlike betting NBA games simply because the WNBA season is so much shorter.

Shorter Games, Fewer Point but great WNBA Odds at SBG Global

WNBA odds should be handicapped with the recognition that WNBA games are shorter than in NBA, involving 10 minute quarters instead of 12 minute quarters.

Profit from Consistency in Betting WNBA at SBG Global

Betting WNBA games require gamblers to make accurate predictions of the WNBA odds while using teams’ past performances as indicators of future success.

Rising WNBA Betting Team at SBG Global

WNBA betting action is slated to get underway in just over a week.
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