UFC 130 Odds Preview: Heavyweight Greybeards Mir and Struve Back In Action

October 23rd, 2020 UFC

UFC 130 Odds Preview: Heavyweight Greybeards Mir and Struve. No matter what the fighting sport, whether it’s boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc the heavyweight class is always the most intriguing and that holds true for the upcoming UFC 130 matchups as well.

With two heavyweight showdowns scheduled for the Main Card there will be plenty of opportunity for fans to test the UFC 130 odds on the big men and with a relatively lackluster headline fight, there will also be plenty of reasons to wager on these fights.

The heavyweight division in the UFC has been loaded with talent in recent years with a string of champions and top challengers.  One of those former champions, Frank Mir, will be looking to re-energize his career and fight his way back into title contention.  And another, Stefan Struve, is still looking for his first title shot after a career full of near misses.

While Mir has worn the championship belt and Struve has not, the one thing they have in common is perseverance.  Both of these guys have been around forever and the UFC 130 odds event is just another of the many Main Event appearances they’ve made.

At 31 many would claim that the former champ’s career is on the decline.  And it might be.  He’s just 2-2 since winning the title losing to eventual champions Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.  His UFC 130 odds opponent, Roy Nelson is a bit of an unknown whom Mir must beat if he wants another shot at the title.

Struve, on the other hand is just 23 years old, but seems as if he’s been around since the stone ages.  He’s already got 25 MMA fights under his belt but has yet to get a title shot.  He’ll have to defeat Travis Browne (10-0-1) and undefeated giant who’s fought in just one UFC Main Event.  This could be the wildcard bout of the evening as little is known about Browne and he’s shown the skills in his brief stint in the UFC to justify the hype.

Mir will likely get past Nelson but it won’t be enough to move him up in the challenger rankings.  Struve will have a tougher time and could lose his fight to the newcomer Browne, both of whom have very similar fighting styles.  But either way, you can count on these two veterans to put on a good show and make the make the UFC 130 odds action as exciting as any around.


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