UFC 129 Odds Update: Huge Expectations for Jose Aldo

May 30, 2011 UFC

Fans who tune to watch the UFC 129 action or place a wager on the UFC 129 odds are going to see some very interesting things.

As always, there will be plenty of action and surprises in the Octagon.  Some of the top fighters in the world will be on display in Toronto on April 30th and arguably the top mixed martial artist in the world, Georges St Pierre, will defend his welterweight world title in front of these fellow countrymen.

But the most intriguing matchup of the night will feature another UFC world champion.  What makes this match so unique is not the fact that it features a world champ, but the fact that the fighter, Jose Aldo, the newly minted UFC Featherweight Champion of the world, has never fought a single UFC bout in his career.

His UFC 129 betting matchup against Canadian challenger Mark Hominick will be his first.

But that’s just one of the may reason to tune into this event. 

Aldo is something of a mystery to many of the UFC fans as the UFC 129 odds matchup will be his first after dominating the WEC for years.

Make no mistake, Aldo is no greenhorn.  He’s 18-1 and dominated the featherweight class in the WEC.  Previously, to the UFC absorbing the WEC there had been no featherweight class in the UFC and Aldo is widely regarded as the top featherweight in the world by every MMA publication there is.

His challenger in the UFC 129 betting action, Hominick is no slouch but he’s still a major underdog in the UFC 129 odds action.  He’s 20-8 in his MMA career and enters the match against Aldo riding a 5 match win streak.

None the less, he’s the biggest underdog on board in the run up to the UFC Main Event and has little chance of defeating Aldo.

Both of these fighters have tremendous power for their weight class and tend to be aggressive fighters.  Aldo has 12 KOs in his 19 bouts, whereas Hominick has 9 KOs in his career.

If Hominick comes out looking to knockout Aldo this should be a short, but exciting match.  If he comes out looking to fight with Aldo, it should still be a very good match but should last a bit longer.

But at the end of the day Aldo will win this match and prove the UFC 129 odds makers to be right in their predictions.

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