Dos Santos Looking To Make Strides towards Heavyweight Title in UFC 117 Betting Action

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

The MMA betting world recently saw what the heavyweight division in the UFC betting is all about and there isn’t much happening in the UFC 117 betting action.

Lesnar is not only the defending and unified UFC betting heavyweight champion but he’s also a massive global superstar and a pop culture icon.  That’s rare territory for an MMA fighter and there is almost nothing that can go down during the UFC 117 odds competition that will take the spot light from this MMA betting superstar.

But there is a heavyweight match scheduled for the UFC 117 betting lineup and a very exciting young fighter by the name of Junior dos Santos that might one day in the not too distant future get a shot at knocking Lesnar from his perch atop the UFC betting world.

First he’ll have to defeat his UFC 117 odds opponent, American Roy Nelson.  Nelson is a formidable opponent in his own right and has shown some impressive skills in these previous MMA betting matches.  However, his 15-4 lifetime record in the MMA betting competition has come against inferior competition and when he faces dos Santos in the UFC 117 odds competition it will be his first time fighting in a UFC Main Card.

Dos Santos on the other hand, at the age of just 26, has a career record of 11-1 heading into the UFC 117 betting matchup with four of those victories coming during UFC betting Main Events.  He’s yet to lose in an sanctioned UFC betting event has won his last six matches.  He’s an up and coming contender in the heavyweight division and with an impressive outing against Nelson he could very easily be fast-tracked for a UFC betting title bout against Lesnar.

Dos Santos is from the typical Brazilian fighter mold, yet as 6’ 4” 238 he’s much larger than most fighters and a much more skilled fighter than most heavyweights.  With an impressive back ground in martial arts and submission training, paired with his obvious power, it may not be too long before he’s wearing the UFC betting heavyweight champion’s belt.

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