UFC 116 Odds Preview: Preliminary Fights Are Intriguing

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

While most of the UFC 116 odds money goes to the Main Card fights and especially the UFC betting Main Event, the savvy MMA bettors will be placing their money of the preliminary card fights.

Sure a matchup between superstar Brock Lesnar and challenger Shane Carwin is great for making headlines and selling pay per view packages but when it comes to UFC 116 betting, the real value is in the lesser hyped battles on the undercard.

The UFC 116 odds makers have been setting betting lines and tweaking numbers on the matches of the upcoming Main Event for weeks now if not months.  And every time there’s a UFC 116 betting action taken it shifts the betting lines ever so slightly.  Thus far, it’s probably safe to say that the original UFC 116 odds for the Lesnar vs. Carwin fight have received almost all of the money that’s been bet on the upcoming MMA extravaganza.

In contrast to some of the most recent UFC betting events the fighters featured in the UFC 116 odds competition aren’t very well known fighters.  With the exception of Lesnar, who is the UFC heavyweight champion of the world and is well known throughout the world from his days as a WWE villain, the fighters in the UFC 116 action are virtually unknown.

That may not attract a lot of attention from casual sports betting fans but it does allow for relatively unadulterated betting lines.  A few of the fights on the UFC 116 betting Main Card are likely to draw interest from wagering fans that have done a little bit of investigating.  But it’s highly unlikely that many sports betting fans are going to dig all that deep into the preliminary card fights and that could represent a great UFC 116 odds opportunity for the discerning MMA wagering fan.

So if you’re looking to place some money on the upcoming UFC betting event but you don’t want to throw your money into the same pool of odds as every other passerby, why not look into the preliminary card fights and see it there isn’t a UFC 116 odds line there that you might be able to bet to your advantage?

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