UFC 116 Betting Action: Lesnar vs. Carwin in a Battle of the Champions

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC 116 betting fans should be in for a treat when the UFC 116 odds Main Event finally rolls around.

The most exciting fighter in the UFC right now, Brock Lesnar will take on the supremely talented Shane Carwin in what might just be the best MMA betting event of the year.

There have been several fantastic UFC betting matchups already in the first half of this year for example, Evans vs. Jackson, Rua vs. Machida, but this upcoming UFC 116 betting matchup might just overshadow them all –quite literally!

Besides the fact that Lesnar is a world-wide celebrity thanks to this previous career in WWE and that obviously adds an interesting element to this UFC 116 odds matchup, he also happens to be a tremendous athlete and a powerful fighter.  In addition he’s the current UFC Heavyweight champion and he’ll be taking on another champion in Carwin.  Carwin claimed the interim heavyweight championship by defeating Frank Mir at the UFC 111 betting event.

When these two massive men climb into the Octagon in the UFC 116 betting Main Event they will be the largest men in the Las Vegas and fans should treat fans to a tremendous UFC 116 betting event.

Lesnar and Carwin were both former wrestling champions and that is the area of expertise for both of these fighters.  Yet don’t expect to see a wrestling match when the UFC 116 betting action finally gets underway as both of these men have both trained hard to expand their MMA betting repertoire.  Both trained intensely to improve their striking by honing their boxing skills and both have committed huge amount of time to various martial arts. 

When the UFC 116 odds action gets underway fans should expect to see plenty of boxing style striking and some mat action as well.  Likely both men will be looking to stay on their feet and for that reason we could see some great exchanges with their fists and the UFC 116 betting main event could even end in a knockout if both fighters look to avoid the mat.

But no matter how you foresee this UFC 116 betting matchup unfold, it’s sure to be exciting and just might be the best match of the year.

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