UFC 116 Betting: Lesnar Will KO Carwin

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

On paper the UFC 116 betting main event looks very intriguing for MMA betting fans.

But when the rubber hit the pavement and UFC betting champion Brock Lesnar and Interim Champ Shane Carwin step into the Octagon it will be anything but intriguing.

Lesnar will mop the mat with Carwin and very likely earn a KO win against the mining engineer from Colorado.  Carwin, while his record in the run-up to this UFC 116 odds event might be impressive, is simply not in the same class as Lesnar as a fighter.

Much has been made of Lesnar’s past career as a performing circus clown in Vince McMahan’s traveling WWE circus.  His credibility as an MMA fighter has been seriously questioned since his UFC betting debut and continues to be all the way up this UFC 116 betting matchup.  But it’s unfair, and crazy, to compare what he did in his fake wrestling days to what he’s doing now in the UFC Main Events.

Lesnar (4-1) has shown remarkable progress as an MMA fighter in during his brief career and has gotten better with every match.  He entered the UFC betting as powerful but raw fighter and slowly his skills and athleticism have been honed into a very impressive MMA betting champion.

Carwin, owner of a perfect MMA betting record (12-0), hasn’t fought anyone even close to Lesnar’s skill level inside the Octagon and the UFC 116 odds matchup will be a rude awakening for the man.  Granted the heavyweight division of the UFC right now is a little thin but still the list of fighters that Carwin has defeated versus competition that Lesnar has vanquished is really not even comparable.

Carwin and Lesnar have many similarities and that may make the UFC 116 betting matchup somewhat interesting, at least for a while, but Lesnar should have his way with Carwin and possibly even knock him out.  Both are former wrestling champions and aggressive in their fighting strategies. 

UFC 116 odds bettors are likely to see plenty of striking and with these powerful men that opens up plenty of possibilities for a KO.  And if anyone is going to get KO’d in this UFC betting match most probably going to be Carwin.

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