UFC 115 Betting Could This be Liddell’s Last Figth

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

Contrary to some recent developments in the sport, MMA betting is a young man’s game and at 40 years old UFC betting legend Chuck Liddell might just be stepping into the Octagon for the last time in his long and illustrious career when he squares off against Rich Franklin.

We’ve seen older and older fighters entering the UFC betting odds competitions of late and in another rival MMA betting league we even saw a 48 year-old Herschel Walker make his MMA betting debut.  But fighting is best left to the younger men and the UFC 115 odds, as good as they may be, should be the last time Liddell fights at this level.

There is no doubt that Chuck remains a legend and his booking in the UFC 115 betting Main Event is proof of that (as is the record time in which the tickets for the UFC 115 odds event sold out).  But at a certain point a line has to be drawn and that line should be drawn at the UFC 115 betting event.

Liddell has nothing left to prove to the UFC 115 betting fans and win or lose against Franklin in the UFC 115 odds competition, no one will remember.  Liddell’s sports betting legacy is already set.  He has already been one of the greatest champions in UFC betting history and as stated early, the UFC 115 betting results will have no bearing whatsoever on his legacy.  He’s already been enshrined in the sport’s hall of fame, so it’s difficult to understand his motivation for agreeing to fight in the UFC 115 betting action.

Presumably, he’s already made a fortune from his fighting career and he can live on his endorsement money and public appearance fees for the rest of his life.  He doesn’t need the money.  He doesn’t need the fame.  He doesn’t need the UFC 115 betting victory.

One can only assume that he does it for the love of the sport and the love of his fans.  But the reality is that Liddell is 40 years old.  He’s lost 4 of his last 5 UFC betting matchups and he’s looked very bad in the process.

Liddell’s fighting skills are no longer good enough to fight at the highest level of UFC betting competition and the UFC 115 betting event should be his swam song to the sport and his devoted fans.

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