Franklin Will Clean The Mat With Liddell

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

In the category of over the hill fighters that people still want to see in the UFC odds action Chuck Liddell takes a back seat to no one.

Don’t believe me?  Than how do you explain the fact that the tickets for the upcoming UFC 115 betting event sold out in less than 20 minutes, breaking a UFC betting record?

The UFC odds fans’ interest in Liddell remains high and he will forever be one of the real legends of the sport.  But in reality the Liddell of the legendary prowess is about five years in the past and the man that will be entering the Octagon is nowhere near the MMA fighter that he was in his UFC odds prime.

Nonetheless, the man is a legend and people love to see legends, even if they get creamed.  And that’s very likely what will happen when Liddell enters the UFC 115 odds matchup with former UFC betting middle-weight champ Rich Franklin.

Franklin isn’t necessarily remembered as a great UFC betting champion, nor was he, but he’s younger and better shape than Liddell and should clean the mat with him in their UFC 115 betting contest.  Franklin is no spring chicken but he’s five years younger than Liddell at 35 years old and he’s been much more impressive in his most recent UFC betting bouts with a record of 3-3 over his past six fights losing to such UFC odds notables as Anderson Silva, the best MMA fighter in the world.

Over that same stretch of fights Liddell has a record of 2-4 against his UFC betting opponents.  What’s worse, those losses were close decisions, three of them coming from knockouts!  At 40 years old, Liddell has no business still climbing into the Octagon and for no more than just embarrass himself and tarnish his legacy any further, he could also get seriously hurt.

Most likely he’ll be knocked out, as he has been in most recent losses and with science discovering the long term damage that blows to heads of retired fighters causes, it begs the question: is this something that Liddell really should be doing?

No doubt, no one is forcing Liddell to make this UFC odds fight happen.  He doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the fame, but he’s a legendary competitor and he need to get back into the ring one more time.

But for better or for worse, he’s going to get clobbered by Franklin in the UFC 115 betting action.

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