UFC 114 Betting: Keys to a Rashad Evans Victory

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC 114 betting action is just around the corner. This latest UFC betting Main Event card is loaded with intriguing matchups and great MMA betting action.

But the fight that everyone and their uncle are waiting to see is the Rampage Jackson vs.Rashad Evans battle in the Octagon.

Both of these fighters are former light heavyweight champions and both are terrific fighters.  So its little surprise that these two will fight in the UFC 114 betting Main Event and that this bout is arguably the most heavily anticipated MMA betting matchup of the year.

But picking a winner in this UFC 114 betting matchup certainly is no easy task.  Both of these fighters are tremendously gifted and share some similarities in their fighting styles.  Both are capable of winning this monster UFC 114 betting contest and getting a shot at the current light heavyweight champion –something that UFC president Dana White has already granted the winner of the UFC 114 betting Main Event.

Evans is very skilled all-around fighter and if you’re looking to bet on someone in the UFC 114 odds this might just be your man.  He has several obvious advantages over Jackson on paper and he could very well emerge as the UFC 114 betting champion.  Obviously Jackson could be very rusty heading into the UFC 114 betting action as he hasn’t fought in more than a year.  He’s also not nearly as well-rounded as a fighter as Evans.

Jackson’s fighting background is a mix of boxing and wrestling, both vital components of the MMA betting but he lacks any real ability in the area of submission skills.  Evans isn’t necessarily a master of this element of the UFC betting action either, but he’s more skilled than Jackson and as a black belt in several martial arts disciplines he has much more diverse arsenal of fighting skills heading into the UFC 114 betting.

UFC 114 odds makers like Evans chances in the upcoming MMA betting for those reasons but no one can discount Jackson’s’ chances.  He has supposedly been training his guts out and when he’s on his game he’s one of the best pure fighters in the UFC betting action.  Still, if Evans can stick with his game plan and avoid a ‘brawl’ he should emerge as the champion of the UFC 114 betting Main Event.

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