Rampage Will Have to Battle Rust in UFC 114 Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

No doubts that Rampage Jackson the skill and the talent to win his upcoming match in the UFC 114 betting competition.

Skill and talent have never been questioned when it comes to Jackson and his abilities in the MMA betting competition.  But his mental focus and the myriad distractions surrounding his career have always made MMA betting fans nervous.

When the UFC 114 odds contest gets underway he’ll also have to shake off the rust of not fighting for more than a year, a tough thing to do for even the top UFC betting fighters.

Anyone that has followed the up and down career of Rampage Jackson knows that he’s had as many ups and downs as any fighter in MMA betting history and his lows have often far outweighed his highs.

There were the arrests the loss of his UFC betting title the mental illness and just about anything else you can think of.  But there’s little doubt if he can block out these distractions he can win his UFC 114 betting bout against Rashad Evans.

But the UFC 114 betting matchup will be more difficult than almost any MMA betting matchup he’s ever had.  Never before has he taken so much time off between UFC betting matches.

Never before has he been away from the ring for 15 months.  And that could be an even more difficult thing to face than Evans once the UFC 114 betting action gets underway.

Even for the most focused of MMA betting fighters a layoff of more would be very difficult to bounce back from.  But if anyone can comeback from such a hiatus it’s Jackson.

He is one of the most mercurial fighters in MMA wagering and he will either likely win in brilliant fashion or be embarrassed in the upcoming UFC 114 odds competition.  But it’s very unlikely this will be run of the mill bout.

Expect Jackson both to be in superb condition and have tremendous focus or else he’ll likely be knocked out in this UFC betting event.

Evans is no push-over and even with Jackson at his best he may not be able to this fellow former title holder.  Evans only lost the UFC light heavyweight title less than a year ago and will be hungry to it back.

Even though this is an undercard bout, this could be most interesting fight of the UFC 114 betting action.

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