The public and the UFC Betting Line at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting line odds are influenced by public bettors. When the public gets involved in UFC betting they usually look to take the popular fighter.

Oftentimes that is the same person on the UFC betting line. Should you go with the public in UFC betting?  UFC betting line odds are money line based which means you have favorites and underdogs.  Usually in sports betting you can look at underdogs and do pretty well if you pick and choose your spots.

That theory also works in UFC betting. The favorites on the UFC betting line really did not do well in the early years of big UFC events although that is changing. It really depends upon the event as to which way the success comes in UFC betting. Sometimes the underdogs cash in big while other times they do not. And you might think this means the public goes back and forth but that is not always true either.

The public started by taking favorites in the UFC because the public loves favorites.  They switched to underdogs on the UFC betting line after seeing so many dogs winning.  Now they are right in the middle since there is no current trend to follow. The problem with jumping back and forth versus the UFC betting line is that you never know what you are doing.  It is usually a good idea to go against the public on the UFC betting line.  And it is not as difficult to find out who the public likes as you might think. You can check the popular MMA websites and easily get an idea of who the public likes versus the UFC betting line. Many people will give you their picks versus the UFC betting line.

And there will be times when the public falls in love with an underdog.  In these situations you can actually bet the favorite versus the UFC betting line with confidence.  It doesn’t happen that often but the public will bet underdogs sometimes versus the UFC betting line. Always look to go against the public as you bet the UFC and your chances of success will be greater.