Penn Looking for Revenge in UFC 118 Betting Actions

December 2, 2010 UFC

BJ Penn is not a man that accepts failure in the UFC 118 betting action, so you can be sure he’ll look to take full advantage of this event.

When these two men met in the Octagon in April of this year Edgar successfully defeated Penn -then the lightweight champ- and solidified his number one MMA ranking in the weight class.  Every second that has passed since then Penn has been focused on regaining the belt and training like a maniac.

You can be sure he’ll be in terrific shape and ready to do what needs to be done in order to grab the title again in the UFC 118 odds competition.  The big question is: Can Penn defeat Edgar?

Edgar pulled off one of the biggest upsets that UFC fans have seen in quite some time.  But after a unanimous decision by the judges there is little doubt that he deserved to win the fight.

The first time these two men met the battle was mostly standing up as the two fighters traded blows.  In fact, Edgar became the first lightweight opponent to ever takedown Penn in a fight and we could see a lot more mat action when the two fighters meet up in the UFC 118 betting action.

Both men are competition on the mat and this would seem to be the best approach for Penn who will likely look to take the action to the canvass early in the fight as he didn’t have much success trading blows in the first fight.

Neither one of these fighters is great KO artists nor is this fight likely to be decided by decision just as their first match was.

Penn has lost a title before and regained it and will have a very good shot at winning this UFC 118 matchup.  Reports from his camp after the first fight indicated that he was suffering from a sinus infection and far from 100%.

He should be in peak from for the re-match and knows what to expect from Edgar this time around.  The element of surprise is gone and the smart money is on Penn regaining his belt.