Jardine Favored in UFC 102 Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC 102 betting favors Keith Jardine as he faces Thiago Silva on Saturday. Jardine is a -155 favorite in UFC 102 odds at the sportsbook.

Jardine has a professional record of 14-5-1 with six of those victories coming by knockout and he will be looking for another one on Saturday night.

UFC 102 betting at the sportsbook favors Jardine but not by a lot. Silva is a fighter who can be very good at times. This is a huge UFC 102 betting fight for Silva as he wants to maintain his spot as one of the top fighters in the UFC. Silva is 13-1 in his career with 10 of those wins coming by knockout.

UFC 102 betting could actually be the best on this fight. These two are likely to trade shots. Neither has any real desire to go to the ground so it should come down to who gets in the better shots as to who wins in UFC 102 odds at the sportsbook.

Jardine is 6-4 in UFC action while Silva is 4-1. Jardine is coming off a loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 96. In his last six bouts he has alternated wins and losses. If that pattern continues he would be a winner in UFC 102 betting. Silva is coming off the first loss in his career against Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida in UFC 94. His aggressive style didn’t work well in that fight as he was nailed in the first round as UFC 102 betting facts show. That could happen again in UFC 102 betting if he is not careful against Jardine.

Most UFC 102 betting experts at the online sportsbook believe that Jardine will need to use his leg kicks to win. Jardine is going to have to stay out of trouble in this UFC 102 betting fight because he has shown in his career he has a weak chin.

For Silva to win in UFC 102 betting, gamblers believe that he must overwhelm Jardine with striking. Jardine can fall if hit hard and Silva has the style to do it. In a battle of striking it could be that Silva lands the big one and wins in UFC 102 odds. Keep in mind that Silva wins his fights by knockout so if he wins against Jardine that is the way it will likely happen in UFC 102 betting.