Favorite or Underdog in UFC Betting at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting in recent years has seen underdogs do quite well on the UFC betting odds board. As you consider UFC betting, do you want to seriously consider the favorite or the underdog?

UFC betting is done on the money line. That means you risk more money on the favorite and receive plus money on the underdog. It is similar to what you see in a baseball game.

If the Yankees are playing the Royals they are going to be a big favorite. The same thing applies to UFC betting when a good fighter faces one thought to be weaker. Similar to baseball, UFC betting can favor underdogs more than favorites.

UFC betting has seen underdogs do quite well over the years. This is especially true in major bouts and with heavy favorites in UFC betting odds. Usually in a major UFC event there will be a couple of major fights. It is these fights that have seen the underdog do well in UFC betting. The favorites have only been winning just over half the time and that means big money for underdog bettors in the UFC. Just think what it means to hit 40 or 50% on your underdog bets versus UFC betting odds. You might be getting +200 or more in some instances. Take that a step further in UFC betting odds and think about the huge favorites. Let’s say you have a fighter at -500 and get a take back of +400 or +450. You only need to win a small percentage of those fights to make money. Amazingly in UFC betting it works.

With UFC betting the underdogs really do have a chance to win. It is not like soccer betting where you see a -500 favorite and the underdog has virtually no chance. In the UFC it is possible to see a fighter get an early knockdown and win. If a favored fighter in the UFC makes a mistake it can cost him the fight. You also have to remember in UFC betting that the public usually bets the favorites. That is just like other sports betting endeavors where the public is always betting the favorite. Usually you can’t just bet underdogs or favorites in any sport and be successful but so far the UFC is the exception. In UFC betting, you are almost always better off to take the underdog.