Exciting UFC Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting odds have never been more exciting with a lot of action and competitive fights.

It seems everyone wants to wager against the UFC betting line and that is good news for sportsbooks. UFC betting odds are similar in many ways to baseball odds since a money line is used. You also see a total on some bouts which is also based on a money line. Money lines in UFC betting odds will have a favorite and an underdog. You risk more money on the favorite in UFC betting odds and get plus money on the dog.  Let’s look at an example.

If one fighter was favored the odds might have him at -200. This means he is a 2-1 favorite in UFC betting odds and you can risk any amount you want at the 2-1 UFC betting odds. If you wanted to win $50 then you would bet $100, $10 then $20, etc, etc. The underdog on this UFC betting line example might be +160. That would mean you get 1.6 for every $1 wagered. So if you bet $100 you would win $160 plus your original bet.  If you wagered $10 then you would win $16, and so on.

UFC betting odds also include betting on how long the fight will go. These are round propositions and just like baseball, you bet over or under the number. For example, the rounds might be set at 1.5 in UFC betting odds. If you liked the fight to end quickly you would bet the under against the UFC betting line. If you thought the fight would last more than a round and a half you would bet the over in UFC betting odds.

Fighter vs. fighter and round options are the two most common UFC betting odds choices you will see. Sometimes on major fights you may also get a choice on betting how the fight will end versus the UFC betting line. Those three main choices are knockout, decision and submission.

Take a look at the exciting UFC betting odds and enjoy the fights.