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December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting odds are a commodity in hot demand of late. But this development should come as little surprise considering that that the UFC 82 betting event is just around the corner.

For fans of UFC betting this major, major event is something akin to the Super Bowl and Christmas all wrapped up into one. UFC betting odds fans have been waiting a long time for the UFC 82 betting event to become reality and now that it’s finally here, March 1st cannot come soon enough.

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Checking UFC Betting Odds

The UFC betting odds for this event feature a long list of incredible fighters but the one set of lines that stands above the others is of course the UFC betting odds for the Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson fight. This is the headline event and the one that will see a title transferred. It is by far the biggest UFC betting odds match at the UFC 82 betting production and it’s the match that everyone is talking about.

The question on everyone’s mind in UFC betting odds circles is: Can Silva defeat Henderson? Silva, as the current UFC betting middle weight champion is the favorite heading into this bout. But anyone familiar with Henderson knows he’s nobody to over look. If Silva wants to retain his UFC betting odds title he’s going to have to have the fight of his life.

The key for Silva’s success at the UFC 82 betting event will be his ability to keep the fight off the mats. As most UFC betting odds fans know Henderson is highly skilled wrestler and if the fight goes to the mats the UFC betting odds favor him. Silva on the other hand is stand out muay thai specialist and does his best work on his feet. However, UFC betting odds experts are quick to point out that Silva is also a master of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a very fin submission fighter in his own right.

This is one of the most even match ups we’ve seen in the UFC betting odds match ups for a title fight in some time. On paper the fight could go seemingly for both fighter and UFC betting odds opinion seems to be all over the board. But one thing that is certain is the fact that this should a spectacular fight and the entire UFC 82 betting event should be one to remember.