Winning Preakness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Preakness Stakes

Preakness odds can be beaten if you are willing to do a little handicapping and if you look at past history.

What does it take for a horse to win in Preakness wagering? What factors should be analyzed when considering Preakness odds? Let’s take a look at winning Preakness odds.

Preakness odds show that the Kentucky Derby winner is almost always the favorite. Past history has shown that the Derby winner is almost always overbet and is overvalued. The winning horse in Preakness odds will almost always have shown excellent speed figures in their previous race. As you look at Preakness odds you should know that the average speed figure that the Preakness winner had in their previous start is almost 105. That is a very solid number and eliminates a lot of pretenders in Preakness odds. Oftentimes the winning horse in Preakness wagering will have run not one, but two excellent races before winning the Preakness. This means speed figures of 100 or more in their last two races. That has been the case most of the time in Preakness wagering the past 10 years although it has not happened in the past three years with Curlin, Afleet Alex and Bernardini. It should be noted though that Afleet Alex was close with his 99 in the Derby and Curlin was a lightly raced horse that was thought to be the most talented horse in the world heading into the Derby and a real threat in Preakness odds to Street Sense.

What speed figures tell you in Preakness wagering is that rarely does a horse come out of nowhere to win. Usually the horse has run very well in his last two starts before winning versus the Preakness odds. Even when a horse like Curlin or Afleet Alex doesn’t get the speed figures, they are usually very close. Look at the past two races of each horse as you consider Preakness odds this year. That should point you in the direction of the logical contenders on the Preakness odds board and give you a chance to pick the winner.

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