Unique Circumstances Set Preakness Stakes Betting Apart

Unique Circumstances Set Preakness Stakes Betting Apart

March 12th, 2019 Preakness Stakes, Sportsbook

For just the second time since 1978 did a Triple Crown champion emerge last year.  Justify turned the trick for 2018 to earn his place in horse racing immortality.  And a requirement for a Triple Crown always requires a Preakness Stakes Betting winning ticket.  The Preakness may be known for its wild infield parties and less formal atmosphere than the Kentucky Derby.  But beneath the surface is a level of pressure that is as intense as any in sports.

It all begins with the Kentucky Derby

Indeed, the pressure cooker starts immediately after the Kentucky Derby.  Starting with the horse that wins the blanket of roses comes a level of hype that is hard to surpass.  What’s more the Preakness Stakes betting favorite is nearly always the winner of the Kentucky Derby.  For the two weeks between the Derby and the Preakness the Derby winner will be touted as the next Triple Crown winner.  Yet that is rarely how things turn out at the end.

Challenges of the Preakness Stakes

Supplementing the challenges of the Preakness Stakes is an increased factor of the Kentucky Derby winner being ambushed.  Correspondingly more horses than ever before will enter the Preakness Stakes with fresh legs after skipping the Kentucky Derby.  More emphatically the Derby is incredibly stressful for horses and their teams.  Consider that the Kentucky Derby field is among the largest of any race during the year.  The blanket of roses is the ultimate quest and takes its toll.  And that is where fresh horses and the Preakness can wreak sportsbook online havoc.

“The Second Jewel of the Triple Crown” 

Preakness Stakes Betting has taken place since 1873.  At the beginning it is touted as “The Second Jewel of the Triple Crown.”  Additionally, it owns the moniker of being “The People’s Race” as the atmosphere is much more like a wild college frat party.  “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans” consists of one and 3/16 miles and is the shortest of the three Triple Crown races.  Pimlico Race Course is the venue.  In like manner a source of surprise trivia reveals the Preakness Stakes was first run two years before the Kentucky Derby’s inception.

New Dynamics of Today

Once upon a time the Triple Crown season was more orderly and predictable as to which horses would be at the starting gate.  Because of this, long-time handicappers have struggled to adapt to the new dynamics of today.  As is the case with other sports big money has driven the dynamics of today.  Increasingly it will benefit an owner and horse to pick and choose different events.  The days of blindly abiding to the Triple Crown schedule are over and gone.

Pharoah and Justify

American Pharoah changed the Triple Crown betting landscape in 2015 with the first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.  Fashion the sense that American Pharoah was primed to pull off the feat.  In like manner the Preakness Stakes enjoyed a rebirth of popularity that year. Late on Justify added to the draw with his Triple Crown run in 2018.  In turn horse racing fans and casual observers were reminded of what makes the sport and the Preakness so special.

Bob Baffert

Bob Baffert is one of the top trainers of all time.  Owing to Baffert’s legend is his great success at the Preakness.  As a matter of fact, both American Pharoah and Justify were Baffert trained horses.  To this end handicappers at the Preakness will be searching out Baffert’s name on the chart!

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