Digesting The Results of this Year’s Election

November 15, 2016 Political Betting

US Presidential Election is in the booksThe online wagering community is all too familiar with blindsiding surprises. After all, 2016 has been chock-full of them. Very few people actually expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to come back from a 3-game deficit, and even fewer people anticipated the Chicago Cubs historic resurgence. But this past Tuesday night, the betting world was treated to a shock that left us all in a deep state of stupefaction. Early Wednesday morning, the results could no longer be denied and it was clear that Donald Trump had become the 45th president-elect of the United States of America.


When the polls opened, the online wagering odds had Hillary Clinton painted as the -700 favorite, while Donald Trump was pegged as the +475 underdog. But after three hours the tables had turned and Trump became a -500 favorite, while Clinton settled at +300 odds. By that time the realization that America had made its choice had begun to settle in. Trump would go on to win the election and there was nothing Clinton could do about it. Despite her endless cavalry of celebrity endorsements, despite her colluding with the media, despite cheating Bernie Sanders out of a nomination, Hillary Clinton failed to win the election, despite winning the popular vote.

While Trump had a tremendous amount of supporters – obvious by the results of the election – almost the entire nation was shocked by his victory. After Trump’s questionable tirades were aired unrelentingly by the media, very few people thought that a candidate who had been dubbed a racist, misogynistic, bigot would be able to win the election to become the leader of the free world. Of course, as with any upset, there were a few online wagering fans who were able to anticipate this bombshell and were actually able to turn a profit. But now the entire nation, and world, must prepare for the consequences of a Trump presidency, whether they be positive or negative.

Almost immediately following the announcement of a Trump victory, disgruntled voters took the streets to display their disapproval of a Trump presidency. However, had Clinton won the election, the other side would have reacted similarly. The only difference being that Clinton supporters were mostly made up of voters who oppose gun ownership. While on the other hand, we’re all too aware that Trump supporters proudly exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Bottom line, one of those protests would’ve been much more violent and dangerous than the other.

As the days after the election began to pass by, we’re beginning to see how the nation has reacted. Some citizens have continued to bet on NFL money lines, while others have been engaging in other, much more heinous acts. All across the nation people have begun to report racist encounters, citing the results of the election as the primal ignition behind these actions. At the same time students have taken to the streets to display their deep disappointment with their nation. It didn’t matter who won the election, this is inarguably one of the most divisive times of our generation. Whether you agree with Trump or not, this is not a time to be divisive, is a time to pull together and work in unison to build a better future.