Online Wager Spotlight: 2010-11 College Basketball Season Underway

December 1st, 2010 Online Wagering

The long wait is finally over and anyone looking to make an online wager on college basketball can finally breathe easy.

The season seems to start earlier and earlier every year and with the circus like promotion of ESPN’s 24 games in 24 hours to jumps start the opening of the 2010-11 NCAA basketball online wagering season, fans could hardly ask for more.

The amazing thing about this made for TV event –part PT Barnum, part sports lover’s dream- is that it featured so many talented teams.  Four of the top 5 teams in the country and 19 of the Top 25 teams in college basketball were in action in the 1-day basketball marathon action where fans looking to make an online wager could not only bet on quantity but quality as well.

The 2010-11 seasons is shaping up to be as good as ever with plenty of familiar faces and some new ones as well. 

It will take a memorable season to surpass the exciting finish to the 2009-2010 seasons which ended with the Duke Blue Devils winning yet another national title after getting past upstart Butler in the NCAA Finals.

Duke returns almost the exact same team as last season’s championship run with one exception: its better.  Coach K drew a fantastic group of incoming recruits (especially big man Kyrie Irving) and transfer student Seth Curry, younger brother of the Golden State Warriors’ standout PG, and has the #1 ranking in the country.

Michigan State, Kansas State, Ohio State and Pittsburgh round out the top 5 in that order and all have legitimate shots at winning a national title. 

Other teams that anyone looking to make an online wager this season should take note of are Kansas #7 (always a contender), North Carolina #8 (excellent freshman class), Purdue #14 (injuries always a concern), and Washington (West Coast sleeper).

With so many high profile match ups early on in the season these rankings are about to go through a major reshuffle before the end of the of the year and fans are going to get to watch and wager on some premium match ups before conference schedules begin in January.

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