Bookmaker – Pacquaio Wins Easy Decision vs. Mosley

May 31, 2011 Offshore Bookmaker

Manny Pacquiao won an easy decision vs. Shane Mosley on Saturday night to easily cover the odds at the bookmaker.

Pacquaio was a huge favorite at the bookie and for good reason as Mosley had no business even being in the ring with Pacquaio.  The fight was totally dominated by Pacquaio even though it did go the distance.

Pacquaio Wins Big
The fight was so one-sided that you could have made a case that Pacquaio won every round.  The judges had it 120-107, 120-107 and 119-108.  That is about as dominant a scoring decision as you will ever see in a 12-round fight that goes the distance.  Most people watching the fight didn’t give Mosley even a single round.  Perhaps the first round could have been a draw and the 10th some people gave to Mosley but that was only because the referee made a bad call that Pacquaio had been knocked down. Pacquaio so dominated the fight that most of the 16,412 fans were booing all night.  Mosley got hit early by Pacquaio and basically ran away the rest of the fight. Mosley even said after the fight that he wasn’t going to take any risks.  To beat the best fighter in the world requires taking some risks but Mosley didn’t take any and he got pounded on all night.

Mosley Runs Scared
The fight on Saturday night was really an embarrassment to Shane Mosley.  He showed nothing but a willingness to run away. There was a time when Mosley was a good fighter but those days have long since passed.  He lost to Floyd Mayweather, was lucky to get a draw with Sergio Mora and now was humiliated by Pacquiao.  The numbers don’t lie as Mosley landed just 82 of 260 punches against Pacquiao.  Mosley was put down in the third round by a Pacquaio left hand and after that it was all run and hide from Mosley.  Pacquaio was surprised that Mosley ran because he wanted to finish him off.

Next Fight for Pacquaio
It appears that Pacquaio will go up against Juan Manuel Marquez in November and will be heavily favored at the bookie. There is no one out there to challenge Pacquaio but at least Marquez won’t run away.  Everyone at the bookmaker wants to see Pacquaio against Floyd Mayweather but that fight probably will never happen. 

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