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Those days are long since gone as the bookie has been replaced by the offshore bookmaker, many of which are online. Let’s take a look at how bookmaking has evolved.

Bookie is just another way of saying online bookmaker in today’s Internet world. The Internet bookie posts betting odds on all type of sporting events and even non-sporting events like the American presidential election. Anything is available with the offshore bookie.

There used to be a day when gamblers had no choice but to go to a local bookie to bet sports. They had to call up the bookie and get the current odds and then place their bets at whatever those odds happened to be.

The gambler then had to hope to collect if he won. Those days are long since gone as the bookmaker has replaced the bookie in most places. It is very easy now to get Internet bookmaking odds and to make wagers with an offshore bookmaker. The best place to do this is at an online sportsbook. Instead of having to call up and get odds, gamblers can look online and see bookmaker odds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And gamblers don’t have to worry about getting paid from the bookmaker like they did with a bookie.

In a sense it is like having an online bookie since online sportsbooks provide odds to bet on sports just like a bookie used to. The online bookmaking odds today are the best in the world. The first odds on all sporting events are now made at online sportsbooks. If you want to bet NFL, college football, college hoops, NBA, NHL, soccer or any of the other sports then you can do so with an Internet bookmaker. Offshore bookmaking odds give you a wide variety of options on all of the sports you want to wager on.

If you want to bet on anything today you are far better off choosing an online bookmaking site. From better bookmaker odds to reliable payouts, the online sportsbook is the way to go.

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