Title game with Duke versus Wisconsin

January 14th, 2020 NCAA Basketball

With the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Annual March Madness Tournament coming to an end on Monday night the 6th of April 2015 for the Championship game, we have finally arrived with the winners from the Final Four as No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils beat No. 7 seed Michigan State Spartans 81-61 in the opening game on Saturday evening, and in the second game the No.1 seed Wisconsin Badgers (36-3) beat the then undefeated No. 1 seed Kentucky 38-1 by 7 points 71-64.

Therefore, if you Bet on College hoops at a Sportsbook, the final game in the NCAA National Championship will have 2 No.1 seeds meeting for the title as No. 1 Wisconsin will play No. Duke for the Title, and that seems a little hard to believe with so many upsets that took place in the early stages of this tournament, which operates a system of 1 loss and you go home.

This playoff game is not what the experts predicted for the teams to win as they came to the final four, but the favorite Kentucky had only two more dances in the “Big Dance” to take the title, but it wasn’t to be as their undefeated season came to a sudden and abrupt halt.

Now having set that lets take a look at what the experts are predicting for the 2015 “Big Dance” with Duke and Wisconsin?

The most famous being the magazine publishers basketball experts of which they were represented by some four, whom had completed their bracket selections, only 2 of the 4 remain winners, being Mr. Hamilton who selects Blue Devils and Mr. Thamel who selects the Badgers.

Next, we have the also famous CBS Sports who claim to have the finest basketball experts that exist and several made it to the finals with 9 falling aside as they selected Kentucky to win it all, and only one of the experts, Mr. Dodd predicted to the Blue Devils to win it all. His reason behind his selection is he thinks Duke is now at playing at their best, and at the right moment.

Then there is ESPN website they call FiveThirtyEight that predicted the Badgers to win it all. Their site does a lot of game calculations based on various statistics and they give the Blue Devils a 46% chance of winning that the Blue Devils a 54% chance of winning it all.

The next is the Bleacher Report which has a lot of experts who write as well as contribute and were the first to publish a review of the title game and they predict Wisconsin will take the title, being that they think the Badgers big men will prevail and their defense will limit Duke’s Okafor and that the Badgers win their 1st title in 74 years.

Then we have the sports for USA Today, which had 3 experts pick the Badgers winning over Kentucky, one stays with Wisconsin and the other 2 denied to reveal their selection.

Next up is the Rant Sports group, not like the huge ESPN, CBS, USA Today or SI, but they are still great college basketball experts that covered this upcoming game, and they have an interesting review that includes scoring and other predictions but in the end take the Blue Devils in OT.

Then last but not least the European experts at Top Bet who claim they picked both final four winners and in the Championship game, even though early in the Season Duke beat Wisconsin, they still like Wisconsin to win the Championship on Monday night 75-71.

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