March Madness Odds Types at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are probably more anticipated than any other type of sports betting odds.

If you look at the basketball schedule you will see that everything in college basketball is geared toward March Madness odds. Teams start early in the schedule with preseason games and continue right through their conference schedule and into their conference tournaments. 

March Madness odds give gamblers so many different betting opportunities. As March gets going many of the college basketball seasons come to an end as many teams are eliminated from their conference tournaments. In the middle of the month, the most popular week of the entire sports betting year gets underway with March Madness betting. The first round of March Madness odds have become some of the most heavily bet sports odds during the entire year. Gamblers that normally don’t even bet on college basketball, or follow it closely, still get involved in March Madness odds. This is done in many different ways from office pools to online sportsbooks. The phenomenon of March Madness betting is something that is not duplicated anywhere. The Super Bowl has a greater one day following but in terms of handle it is March Madness betting that does more because of the multitude of games spread out over three weeks of action.

In the regular season schedule, college basketball is usually wagered on by more professional gamblers than during the tournament. When March Madness odds come around the public takes over. The professional gamblers will still look at the March Madness odds but they don’t do as well because things are often unpredictable in March Madness betting.

What also happens with March Madness odds is that teams become overrated and underrated. The big name schools like Kansas, Connecticut, Duke, North Carolina and others are overpriced while Cinderella teams like George Mason or Wichita State get very little respect in March Madness odds. You can find some excellent value on some of these unknown teams in March Madness odds. Successful gamblers during March Madness have a level and clear head and are able to spot undervalued teams that very often go under the radar with the public.

March Madness odds are the most exhilarating time of the college basketball season. There is no doubt you will look ahead on the schedule with great anticipation of March Madness odds.

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