March Madness Brackets Statistics at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets statistics are very interesting to look at as you get involved in March Madness betting.

Do you remember all of the handicapping systems in football that are based on rushing statistics? Why is it when we talk about March Madness brackets that we rarely, if ever, talk about statistics?

March Madness brackets give you a lot of great games to wager on.  Let’s consider one particular statistic as we look at March Madness betting.  That statistic is rebounding. We know that rushing teams tend to cover the spread fairly well in football betting and oftentimes in basketball betting good rebounding teams do well.  You just have to do a little research to find the rebounding basketball statistics for the March Madness brackets. Good rebounding teams usually make you money in March Madness betting. Rebounding really comes into play with teams, especially on the road and that is where all the games are for teams in March Madness brackets. You can also include other statistics like blocked shots as well, but the better rebounding team usually wins the game and that means they cover the March Madness betting spread. 

This also comes down to having a strong frontcourt.  You can say all you want about having a great point guard when you look at March Madness brackets, and it is important, but big men still win games. Sometimes we look too deep when handicapping sports and miss the basic statistics.  In football it is rushing yardage; in basketball it is rebounds. Don’t overlook the basic statistics when it comes to March Madness brackets.  You very rarely see people talk about rebounding when it comes to making basketball selections in March Madness brackets. Definitely take a look at rebounding statistics the next time you consider the March Madness brackets.

Remember that March Madness brackets include more than just the NCAA Tournament.  You have college conference tournaments and the NIT that are part of March Madness brackets.  Keep that in mind when you get involved in basketball betting during the month of March.  There are so many games to consider and so many different betting options that you can make money if you take the time to do the research and consider the statistics.

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