March Madness Brackets & Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets and odds are exciting to look at and great to bet

How is the March Madness betting line made? What is the oddsmaker’s motivation for making a particular line on March Madness brackets?

March Madness brackets are always fascinating to consider.  The March Madness betting lines are also very interesting to look at.  Many gamblers will bet into the March Madness brackets and look to make money. The question becomes how the line is made and why it is made a certain way.
The Internet has made it possible for people to continually question the oddsmaker’s decisions and for people to express their own opinions in regards to the odds.

It is important for a gambler to understand how the line is made and the reasons why it is made for March Madness brackets. The making of March Madness betting lines is quite a deliberate process that and is something that you should definitely understand. The betting lines for the March Madness brackets are a man-made number that came from oddsmakers in the islands and sometimes in Las Vegas. It used to be that Las Vegas made the first and best March Madness betting lines, but that is no longer the case. The best lines for the March Madness brackets are made offshore at online sportsbooks and Vegas just copies those lines. The March Madness brackets odds are not always made to attract two way action. It is oftentimes made to account for the public factor. You have teams like Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA and others that always attract betting interest. You should know that most of the odds for the March Madness brackets are made strictly from power ratings. That is how the oddsmakers come up with their numbers. They rarely look at anything else except power ratings and injuries.

You as a gambler can do more than just look at power ratings to come up with your own betting line for the March Madness brackets. You can go the extra mile and do more work and often come up with better betting numbers. If you have your own set of numbers you can identify games that you want to play. This is a big key to betting March Madness brackets.

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