Final Four betting strategy at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four betting strategy should begin with line value.

You can make your own Final Four betting line by looking at power ratings and be ready when the odds are released. It is tough to handicap a game when betting Final Four action if you don’t know what the line should be.

Final Four betting odds can be made by examining the various power ratings available or you can make your own. You can look at various rankings like those from Sagarin or Pomeroy and get a good idea of where the line should be and where you might find Final Four betting value. The next step after making your own line is deciding if you have enough line value to consider betting Final Four games. You might want a difference in your line versus the sportsbook odds of at least a point or more in Final Four betting. You might want the difference to be at least two points in Final Four betting. You can also make your own Final Four betting line in regards to totals. You might want that difference to be at least three or four points when betting Final Four action.

Let’s say that you can’t find too much of a difference in your Final Four betting line and the sportsbooks’ line. Then what? You still have options when betting Final Four games. Your first choice would be to consider the money line. You might not want to lay the points but you might be willing to lay money instead. Another option is to look at propositions that many sportsbooks will offer in Final Four betting. You can do some great research to wager against Final Four betting proposition lines. Think of it like the Super Bowl and look at the props as a way to make money in Final Four betting.

There are many strategies you can consider when you bet Final Four action. You can look at the traditional side and total options or you can get more creative and consider money lines, parlays, teasers or propositions as you get ready to bet Final Four games.

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