Big Name Teams are Popular in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are more popular on big name teams than under the radar teams.

That is probably not a shock to you but what might be surprising to you is that the March Madness betting odds are adjusted because the name brand teams get more attention.

March Madness odds on marquee teams are almost always higher than they should be. The public simply bets the teams they know. It applies in all sports including March Madness betting. Teams like Kansas and Kentucky are going to have high March Madness odds attached to them.

What does this mean to you as you bet March Madness odds? It means that if you are willing to go against the big name teams you can get value. It is not easy to go against Kansas and Kentucky though. You are going to want to lay the points and hope for the best but that is not the way to find value in March Madness odds. What you must keep in mind with March Madness odds is that the oddsmaker knows that the public likes to bet marquee teams so the odds are adjusted.

What you want to do is find value when you bet March Madness odds. Going against marquee teams may not be easy but it can be profitable. What you want to really find is a team that is under the radar against a big name team. It is then that you get even more value in March Madness betting. For example, if you like Kentucky against a team like Northern Iowa in the NCAA Tournament you are going to have to lay the points with Kentucky. They might cover the odds but you will have paid more than you should. It is all about value when you bet the NCAA Tournament and more often than not the value is not with the marquee teams.

When you get into the Elite Eight and Final four most of the teams remaining are going to be big name teams. It is then that the March Madness betting odds will even out a little bit. The cream rises to the top and it is then that you can start to bet the big name teams.

You may love the big name teams and want to lay the points but remember that more often than not you are not going to get the odds in your favor.

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