Boise State Broncos

January 24th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

2005 Stats
College Basketball Betting Lines

Straight up 14-15 overall, 6-10 conference, 7th WAC  
Against the spread 12-12-2 (6-6-1 home, 6-5-1 away)  
Over/Under 15-11 (6-7 home, 8-4 away)  
Offensive Rank 103rd  
Defensive Rank 219th  

2005 Season Summary
The Boise State Broncos finished the 2004-05 season with a record of 16-18 straight up, including a Western Athletic Conference record of 6-13, which placed them eighth in the league Against the spread the Bulldogs finished 15-16, but they finished strong by getting the cash in seven of their final nine games in a classic case of how an anonymous mid-major team can be transformed into a quiet bargain value that is overlooked by gamblers, who are betting with a reactive type of mentality.

Slow start

Boise State opened the 2005-06 season with a 90-69 blowout home win over Montana as 5-point chalks. That was then followed by a 61-6 upset home loss to Weber State as 12-point chalks. After an unlined 82-46 home win over Montana State-Northern, the Broncos next scored a 79-88 loss at Idaho State as 2.5-point chalks for a slow start of 1-2 ATS.

In the black

Boise State next traveled to Weber State and scored a 74-66 revenge win as 3.5-point dogs. That was then followed by a 77-80 win at Brigham Young as 10.5-point dogs and then a 70-61 home win over Sacramento State as 7-point chalks for a third straight payoff to put them in the black at 4-2 against the board.

Unable to sustain

After an unlined 79-62 home win over Utah Valley State, however, Boise State proved to be unable to sustain momentum starting with a 49-64 blowout loss at Arizona State as 7.5-point dogs. That was then followed by a 69-58 unlined/neutral court win over San Francisco. Back on the board at home against Eastern Washington, the Broncos failed to cover a 76-72 win as 7-point overlays and then lost 72-75 at home to Louisiana Tech as 2.5-point chalks for a third straight failure against the board.

Up down up stretch

Boise State rebounded with a 73-63 home win over New Mexico State as 5.5-point chalks. That was then followed by a 69-75 loss at Utah State as 15-point dogs for a second straight cover. The Broncos then went back into the tank, however, starting with a 67-81 loss at Nevada as 13.5-point dogs, followed by a 68-65 win over San Jose State that they failed to cover as 8-point overlays. Boise State then suffered a third straight loss against the board at Hawaii in a 61-72 defeat as 10-point dogs in a classic “bad beat.” The Broncos then got back on track starting with a 79-82 home loss to Nevada as 4-point dogs. That was then followed by an 82-68 win cover at Idaho as 4.5-point chalks. Boise State then scored a 77-75 win at San Jose State as 1-point dogs to complete an up down up stretch of 5-3 against the board with three straight covers.

Out of value

Boise State next beat Fresno State 66-63 as 3-point home chalks for a push in an indicator that they were running out of value on the board. That was then followed by a 71-81 loss at Louisiana Tech as 9-point dogs. Next came a 64-73 home loss to Hawaii as 1-point dogs. That was then followed by a 68-73 loss at New Mexico State as 5-point dogs for a push, to complete a stretch of four games without a payoff.

Strong kick at the end

Boise State entered the stretch drive with an 82-71 home win over Northridge as 8.5-point chalks. That was then followed by a 62-64 home loss to Utah State as 4.5-point dogs. Next came a 79-81 loss cover at Fresno State as 7-point dogs for a third straight payoff as the Broncos proved to have a strong kick at the end. The regular season finale was an 85-80 overtime win over Idaho that the Broncos failed to cover as 14-point overlays. They then lost SU&ATS in the conference tourney to Louisiana Tech.  

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