Worst Roster Starters for Teams 2014-15

December 20th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Worst Roster Starters for Teams 2014-15. Now that the NBA is in the home stretch of the 2014-2015 season with the Finals starting this week, which should be a show between an ex NBA MVP LeBron James and present NBA MVP Stephen Curry, as well as this finals features many of this 2014-15 season’s best Roster players.

However, before that show get started; let us take a peek back into the regular season, at a few of the Worst players who had starting positions throughout this season 2014-15. The Roster statistics of individuals in the NBA are a key source in determining how bad the individual players were, and also were given points as to how they negatively affected their team or other teams. Below we will list some starters at each position who turned out to be a big disappointment to their teams.

So after you’ve had your fill of the worst starters this season, you can turn your attention back on the upcoming NBA Finals featuring some of the NBA’s best performers.

We start at the guard position and the Point Guard for the Dallas Maverick who was R. Ronda. At the midseason he was acquired by the Mavericks from the Celtics of Boston as they thought he would improve their chances of competing for another shot at an NBA Title.

That did not work out for the Maverick, even as they made the playoffs his play did not help to the point they expected. After joining the Mavericks his number of assist dropped from 11 per game to just 6.5, and failed to get a triple/double during this season with Dallas, which was what he was known for in Boston. While playing for the Celtics in 22 games he accomplish 3 triple/doubles, and those 22 games are not even a half of the 46 games he has played with the Dallas this 2014-15 seasons. During his tenure with Dallas, Rondo had several verbal arguments with Coach Carlisle, and in the playoffs he was sent to the bench before the first round ended, and was not used for the balance of the Maverick playoff games. Thus, it surely appears he qualified to the Worst category.

Next, were the Charlotte Hornets Shooting Guard L. Stephenson who might have been the biggest disappointment of this entire grouping? Stephenson was tagged as a new Roster player for the franchise for the rebuilding Hornets. However, with early inconsistency and an injury he was haunted in that 1st year Charlotte. He had been signed to a 3 year and $27 million contract and this struggles hardly justified that large contract with the Hornets.

He was acquired from the Pacers of Indiana where he was a starter in 78 of the 78 games he participated in, and shot 35% from 3-point range, 49% on field goals, with 7.3 rebounds each game, and average some 13.9 points each of the 78 games he played. In this 1st season with the Hornet he was a starter in 25 of the 61 games in which he participated, while shooting 17% on 3-pointers, 37% on field goals with 4.4 rebounds and averaged only 8.2 points each game. The Hornets Ownership is still thinking about his contract!

The we go to the Small Forward with the Lakers of L.A. who had a terrible season, and they can’t blame that on forward W. Johnson who actually started two season for the Lakers, and whether he deserved that spot is still questionable. He has four years with the Lakers team and struggled as players, and the team needed a better performance from him, than he delivered for his average of 30 minutes per game. He only was able to make 41% of his FG’s and averaged just 4 rebounds and 10 points per game.

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Moving on to the Power Forward position, the Orlando Magic’s forward C. Frye is good example of a good player, that just did not fit with the Magic Roster. Even as had a team high for 3-pointers for the season at 136 for Orlando, his below average defensive play (they claim the team’s lousiest at 107.4 rating on defense) only allowed some young players on the team to gain playing time. Frye previously played for the Suns of Phoenix for some 4 seasons, in which he average 4 rebounds each game, shooting more than 41% and averaged double/digit in his scoring performances. But, in this 1st season at Orlando he had 3.8 rebounds, with 39% on FG’s and averaged just 7 points each game in the 2014-15 seasons.

Finally the last position on a team at Center with the New York Knicks A. Bargnani, and the choice for the worst was a tie between him and his Knicks teammate C. Aldrich. Bargnani won the ticket for 2 basic reasons that were more than just statistics. For the 1st reason, he was a 1st in the draft pick, and now with 8 years in the NBA and has not amassed a great season to date which is very disappointing for a player with his skills. The 2nd reason is that Bargnani does not fit in this season with the offensive scheme that requires a running center, and the older Italian doesn’t fit the bill. If you need a stat to prove his struggles, imagine he is the worst center (of 92 players) in the entire NBA in 2014-15 with 17.9 for Net Rating and that includes some other 7 on the league’s worst center list.

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