Raptors Out to Even Series at Game 4

October 29th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Online betting fans were surprised when the Toronto Raptors finally manages to pull one back from the Cavaliers and put an end to their impressive post season run. After two very dominating wins by Cleveland, the Raptors decided to remind us that even though evidence proves otherwise, LeBron James is, in fact, human. In a gritty, hard fought game 3, the Raptors were able to contain the Cavaliers and handed them their first post-season loss. Now, as fans betting on basketball get ready for game 4, a shift of momentum could be coming if the Raptors manage to pull another win.

Despite being on the road and coming after a loss on Saturday the Cavaliers remain as the online betting favorites:

Cavaliers        -6 (-110)       ML: -260

Raptors          +6 (-110)      ML: +220

O/U:               197 (-110)

And they should be! The Cavaliers finally went cold, but that should not mean they’ll stay that way. Game 3 was low scoring and it made them look like they were having chemistry issues, within their big three as King James was not getting help from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love (he would be benched for the entire fourth quarter). The Raptors took this game because they were able to capitalize when the Cavaliers were at their weakest, and if they are still on that funk, they will come out to apply pressure and keep them from exploding on offense.

The Raptors needed this win, badly. They must not let the Cavaliers beat them at Canada if they want to stand a chance. If Game 3 was important, game 4 is crucial. Tying the series and heading back to Cleveland could put them with some good edge to steal the series and shock the world. But, considering how the Cavaliers have been playing online betting fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for that to happen.

LeBron James as awesome as he is needs for the rest of his teammates to step their games up for the rest of the series. They just lost once, and it is not the end of the world, but the Raptors managed to make Cleveland look messy and with poor cohesion, very similar to their low points during the regular season. Yet online betting fans, so far, have faith of the Cavs and like their chances, as initial bets posted are in vast majority in favor of Cleveland covering the spread.

Considering how the Raptors managed to shut down the Cavaliers, the over/under line appears to be quite tempting. With LeBron James and Kyrie Irving on the court, the Cavaliers always will have potential of putting out massive numbers on the board. The Raptors have very talented offensive players like DeRozan and Lowry that could also step up. So the Over seems like a very interesting pick as well for fans betting on basketball.

Game 4 will be quite the show. It will be very interesting to see how the Cavaliers respond to losing their first game of the post season and if the Raptors will continue their attack on King James and company.  Online betting fans should place their money on the Cavaliers because despite, having the game on the road and with the offensive issues they had on game 3, Cleveland is not going to take it lying down. Final score: Cleveland wins 104 – 98.

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